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FC 24's best technical moves

Among the many Technical gestures available in EA FC 24But some are far more useful or powerful than others. In this article, we're going to tell you about the best technical moves in FC 24, particularly those to be used in attack to maximise your chances of putting shots on target.

Bear in mind that technical moves are there above all to diversify your style of play and take your opponents by surprise. If you systematically use the same moves, your opponents will adapt and easily counter you.

Ball Roll Drag

A 4-star technical achievement.

The Ball Roll has always been an effective movement, but the new Ball Roll Drag is even more so, especially when it takes advantage of the defenders' lack of A.I.. With this technical move, your player performs a double feint to change direction, taking the defenders who have tried to cut you off by passing in front of you.

How to do it: As well as being fearsome, the Ball Roll Drag is very easy to use: simply hold L1 and use the right stick to strike forward and then immediately strike to the side.

Drag Back Turn

(also known as the Depay Turn)

A 4-star technical achievement.

The Drag Back Turn is also an extremely useful new technique. It allows you to perform a little backward rush while keeping the ball and without having to turn around. Not only does it work wonders to avoid opposing tackles, but it also allows you to immediately follow up with a shot or a backward run.

How to do it: To perform a Drag Back Turn, hold down L2 and jab the left stick in the opposite direction to your player.

Flair Nutmeg

A 4-star technical achievement.

The Flair Nutmeg is a technical move that immediately stops the ball before completely altering its trajectory. This move makes your players more unpredictable, but that's not its only advantage.

You can manipulate this technical gesture on your controller even before you take possession of the ball, and then immediately send it off in another direction as soon as your player manages to get his foot on it. Used to pick up a decisive pass, you'll be able to outwit a defence caught in its tracks and deliver a devastating shot.

How to do it: Hold down L2 and strike the right stick in the direction you want the ball to go.

Small Directional Bridge

1-star technical move.

Bridging is a basic technique that every player knows, but it's just as effective as ever. When feinting to pass or shoot, the defender in front of you will try to intercept the ball by throwing out one of his legs. Your player can then take advantage of this opening to kick the ball between his opponent's legs.

How to do it: Hold L1 and R1 and strike the ball with your right stick in the direction you want.

The Virgules

5-star technical achievement.

Commas are manoeuvres used to feint at an opponent in the middle of a dribble by suddenly changing direction. By pushing the ball with the outside of the foot before bringing it back with the inside, you can make it describe a curve that catches a defender off-guard. This allows you to keep possession of the ball without having to interrupt your run.

How to do it:

Croqueta Passe

A 4-star technical achievement.

The Croqueta, whether left or right, allows you to pass the ball from one foot to the other before making a pass. Simply by changing feet, you change the starting point of your shot and can therefore benefit from a much more advantageous angle. It's a technique that's all the more effective for making decisive passes and beating the keeper.

How to do it: Hold L1 and R3 on your left or right.

Speedboost leg sweep

2-star technical achievement.

The speedboost leg pass is a technical move with a dual purpose. Not only does it allow you to sneak up on an opponent and get behind him, but it also provides a brief acceleration to reposition your player and the ball before a shot.

How to do it: During a dribble, use the right stick to make a quarter circle from the front towards the desired direction, then press R2 to sprint.

Trickster Flick +

Requires style of play Technician+

The Trickster Flick is a technical move that is only available to players with the "Technician" Play Style+. It is used to control the ball while it is in mid-air. The ball then flies back into the air in a small arc, passing over the opponents before offering a golden opportunity for a very quick volley.

It's probably one of the most situational moves in all of FC 24, and that's what makes it so unpredictable and fearsome.

How to do it: To do a Trickster Flick, press the right stick and hold the left stick in the opposite direction to where the ball was heading.

Hit Cancel

The Cancel Strike isn't a technical move in the strict sense of the word, but it's a devilishly tricky one nonetheless. It's probably the simplest and most effective "technical move" in EA FC 24, as it takes advantage of the weaknesses of the AI, and more specifically those of the goalkeepers. Seeing you take a shot, the opposing goalkeeper will jump up to try and intercept the ball, but by cancelling your shot you're free to go around him as he's getting up to shoot into the goal (or walk straight into it).

How to do it: As with all the 'cancels', simply press L2 and R2 immediately after pressing the fire button while moving with the left stick.

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