FC 24

EA FC 24 - All the news and changes compared to FIFA

EA FC 24 is more than just FIFA 24. In fact, as well as changing its name, EA Sports FC 24 also brings with it major changes and innovations to the usual formula. Whether it's the arrival of players from the women's leagues, the Evolutions or the Styles of play, there are a huge number of new mechanics to take into account for those who want to create their dream team and take it to the top. Here's an update.

Women's teams arrive in FUT

With FC 24, women's football players are now available in FUT. No less than 1500 new players available in the packs that will help you put together your teams. Their characteristics are comparable to those of male players, and it is entirely possible (and encouraged) to put together mixed teams to increase your chances of winning.

EA FC 24 - All the new features and changes compared to FIFA - mandatory fc 24 player guides mbappe -
EA FC 24 - All the news and changes compared to FIFA - mandatory fc 24 players guides putellas -

More realistic animations with HyperMotionV

FC 24 benefits from a brand new technology, HyperMotionV. Thanks to recordings of thousands of matches, the developers of FC 24 have been able to perfectly reproduce the movements of different players. To give a concrete example, until now there were only 24 different racing animations in FIFA, but now there are over 12,000 different racing animations. And it's not just racing! Every gesture, even the most iconic shots in the history of football, have been replicated in FC 24. So every player is visually unique.

Game Styles

HyperMotionV customises the way players move, Playing styles have revolutionised the gameplay of FC 24. In addition to their overall scores, each player will now be given skills called Game Styles. These skills are bonuses that make players more effective in certain situations. The "Powerful Shooting" style of play, for example, makes powerful shots much faster to execute and their trajectories more precise.

There are 34 different playing styles and two players with comparable notes will now play differently according to their styles. In addition, for world-class players, there are Styles of Play+, which are enhanced variants of the normal styles. A player can have up to 6 play styles and 1 play style+.

EA FC 24 - Styles of play

Developments and objectives

FUT players can now improve your cards and your players. By placing one of your players in your team, you can decide to develop him. He will then have to fulfil various objectives over a number of matches, such as getting shots on target or making strong tackles, in order to improve his grade. When the game is released, you can only upgrade your players 2 times, but higher levels should be added over the course of the year. Please note, however, that if you upgrade a player, it can no longer be traded on the market.