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Getting started with FUT - FC 24 Ultimate Team Guide

Just like his predecessors, FC 24 offers you the chance to Ultimate Team mode. It offers a variety of gameplay options, including online competitions, matches against the computer and challenges of all kinds. For fully master Ultimate Team and build your dream teamYou need to understand the basics. In this guide, we explain how it works, share some tips and give you all the keys you need to get your playing career off to a good start. The top of the leaderboard is yours!

What is FC Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is practically a game within a game. With the many sub-modes available, pros and beginners alike will definitely find something to enjoy. Simply put, Ultimate Team is all about a mode in which you build and manage your dream XI.

To improve your team, you need to open packs containing players - current pros or legends of the past - or buy them on a market. UT works with a virtual currency, credits, which can be used to acquire packs or talents via a buy/sell system.

In Ultimate Team, you can take on players from all over the worldIn addition to online games, you can also take on the computer. The most competitive players will be happy with weekly matches in online modesAll of which means you can play in leagues, stand out from the crowd and take part in a real championship. All with rewards at stake.

The different modes of FC Ultimate Team

To get off to a good start in Ultimate Team, you first need to understand how the various game modes work. Some allow you to play online, some offline, some co-op, some not. In this section, we take a look at them.

Team clash mode

If you wish to play offlinethe Team Clashes game mode is for you. In this mode, you play against teams made up of other players. These are controlled by FC 24's AI. To add a little spice to this mode, you progress through different levels of increasing difficulty.

Every week, you can play 32 matches at your own pace and in peace. At the end of the seven days, you will receive rewards based on your performance and your position in the rankings.

Division Rivals, Playoffs Champions and Champions modes

Players who want to prove their worth and take on other players will be interested in the Divisions Rivals, Playoffs and UT Champions modes.

Divisions Rivals is Ultimate Team's main online mode. You take part in matches against real opponentswho control their own team. You progress through divisions, from division 10 to the elite division, and earn rewards based on your results at the end of the week. The aim here is to grind as hard as you can, as this mode allows you to take part in the Champions Playoffsand, ultimately, Champions mode.

Not all players can take part to Playoffs mode. Only those who obtain 1250 Qualification Points - by playing Division Rivals matches during the week - gain access. Once you've reached this quota, you need to play 10 matches and win four of them. at minimum. In doing so, you unhook a ticket for UT Champions modewhich is only accessible at weekends (Friday to Monday). If this is not the case, you can always try your luck again the following week by re-qualifying for the Playoffs. Please note that you also get rewards in the Playoffs, depending on your results.

Champions mode is obviously the one coveted by all those who want to reach new heights. This is a solo only. Every weekend, it brings together the best players of the week for a final showdown. This mode requires you to play 20 matches over the weekend. You earn points whether you win or lose. Depending on your total, you reach one milestone or another and receive gifts accordingly at the end of the time limit. The rewards are very interesting, as you can obtain player packs, players and even credits.

Team-building challenges

There are another offline mode quite different from the previous ones. There's no match in sight here, and your objective is quite different. In the team-building challenges, you must try to create team compositions in accordance with various imposed criteria. The rewards are interesting, but beware: each card used disappears for good. We'll come back to these challenges below, because they're so important. Don't overlook them if you want to get involved in Ultimate mode.

Starting your Ultimate Team career

When you launch Ultimate Team for the first time, you must create your club. This is a significant first step, as it marks the start of your career in this mode. Contrary to what you might think, it's an important step: your first choices can quickly have an impact on your launch.

To help you get off to the best possible start, we've put together a few tips for each stage of the process:

  • Choosing your starter pack - You can select a nation according to your preferences, but we invite you to choose between France and Brazil. These are the cradles of some very good players, who could help you build a crack team more quickly.
  • Choosing the loan player - To strengthen your team, the game lets you select a loan player. This is a limited-use player, meaning that he can only provide support for a pre-defined number of matches. Here, it may be worthwhile to take on a player who will add to your team's collective strength.
  • Choosing your swimming costume - You can choose a swimming costume that appeals to you for its style, but we recommend that you opt for jerseys from famous teams or nationsand then resell them.
  • Choosing your badge - For this stage, we again advise you to take the badge of a known structure. Once again, the objective is resale. a posteriori.

The initial resale of these items should help you recover around 1,500 credits. And, as you will have realised, this currency is important if you want your team to move in the right direction.

Understanding the purchase and resale system

As we have just said, credit is the lifeblood of FC 24It's essential to build up a small - and even a large - reserve. So it's essential to build up a small - and even a large - reserve.

To generate credits fairly quickly, you need to monitoring the transfer market This is where other users put up for sale cards that add nothing to their composition. Of course, you can do the same and every card sold will earn you money.

Note that to sell quickly, some people are prepared to cut prices. And that's what we're interested in here. All you have to do is spot good cards for sale at low prices, buy them and resell them at higher prices. This way, you'll reap some nice rewards. What's more, you don't have to be constantly behind your screen to do it. You can do it directly on your phone, from the EA Sports FC 24 app.

Taking an interest in the transfer market and understanding how it works gives you a head start over players who don't take the time to do so, and is a good way of making money. However, it's not the only way to generate credits.

Every day, you can open a Gold or Silver pack with a preview. It is not advisable to buy them systematically. On the contrary, we invite you to check their content. Analyse what's on offer, if the price of the pack allows you to make a profit from the resale of players, If you don't, don't bother. If you get into the habit of checking this pack regularly, you'll be able to rake in some big bucks - as well as finding players you can use.

Find out which players are available in FC 24

To put together the best team, you need to know what talent is available. And there are some players to choose from... 17,000 in total!

For each talent, you'll find standard information, such as their country of origin, their strong foot or their attacking contribution. You also have access to a whole host of data on speed, shooting and passing, fitness and dribbling ability.

Example of player characteristics - FC 24

Note that some also have one or more game styleswhich correspond to various bonuses. It's important to take them into account, as they can make all the difference to a match. For example, with the Deep passIf a player's passes are a little more accurate from deep, they are brushed passes with more effect and their accurate passes arrive at their destination slightly quicker.

By knowing each person's physical abilities, you can better determine which additions to make your team more effective. Obviously, you need to pay attention to their role so as not to place them in the wrong place on the pitch, at the risk of undermining overall efficiency.

Take the team-building challenge

Don't overlook the Team Building Challenges, especially when you're new to FC 24 Ultimate Team. These allow you to obtain packs or a specific player cardAll you need to provide your team with good players.

As their name suggests, these challenges mean building a team. In reality, you don't place players at random, you have to comply with certain conditionsThese include achieving a certain collective level, having several players from different nations in the team and using GOLD cards. The greater the reward, the greater the difficulty.

In reality, these tempting rewards are not free. When you validate a team to solve a challenge, used cards are destroyedand are therefore no longer accessible to your team. The aim is not to ruin you, but to strengthen your ranks, here are a few tips:

  • Scour the transfer market to find the cards you need at the lowest cost.
  • Opt for your low-value cards if you can't find any for sale.
  • You can also place non-exchangeable cards that you're not interested in - if they can't be sold, they might as well be used for something.

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