Tips and tricks for controlling your Fall Guys

Since a few days, the Battle Royale Fall Guys has gone free-to-play and anyone can now play the game. If you've never played it before and are wondering how to control your characterhow avoid certain obstacles or how to free yourself if you are caught, you are in the right place.

Controlling your Fall Guys

First of all, you should know that you can play either with your keyboard or with a controller depending on your choice or if you are playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox. The controls in Fall Guys are fairly simple, as movement is limited. Overall you can move forward, jump, dive or grab.

How to move around with the keyboard?

If you are using the keyboard, the commands you need to use are very basic. To go up, down, left or right, you will need the ZQSDlike in most games. For jumppress the space bar.

In Fall Guys, you'll also be able to dive to avoid certain obstacles, or grab your opponents to block or push them from reaching the finish line. You can also grab certain objects in the scenery to move them and help you progress. For catch a player or an object, use the entry. Finally, for diveYou will only need to press CTRL (left).

Moving around Fall Guys

How to move with an Xbox controller?

If you play on your computer, but have opted for a controller, here are the keys to use. You can move using the analog stick left. For jumpYou need to press the button A.

In order to carry out a divinguse the X buttonand for catch a player or an object the RT button.

How to move with a PS4 controller?

Finally, if you're playing on your PlayStation 4, here's how to control your character. For you moveuse the analog stick left, like on an Xbox controller. For jumppress the X button.

When you want to dive, you must press the square button. Finally, for catch an opponent or an object, use the R2 button.

Of course, all the keys and buttons can be modified, whether you are on a PC or a console. To do this, go to the game settings.

How do I get free if a player catches me?

As mentioned above, you can catch your opponents, and they can catch you. Even though this will block you for a few seconds, you have the possibility of freeing yourself.

There is no no special buttons or keys to escape from this hold. You simply have to jump, dive or move to try to free yourself and continue your run.

Catching an opponent on Fall Guys

How to avoid certain obstacles?

Along the way, you will come up against different obstacles. Now that you know the essential keys to move, you will be able to avoid them in order to cross the finish line before others. In general, you will either run or jump to get past them.

In all, there are more than twenty different obstacles. Many of them can be cleared simply by running, but you have to be careful not to fall into the void. Sometimes you will come up against rotating platformssometimes to axes or hammers which will swing from one side to the other, or to rollers which will spin around. You will also sometimes have to spray objects by running over them, such as doors.

Swinging Axe Fall Guys
Log Swing Fall Guys
Spinning Plate Fall Guys

Other obstacles will require you to jump to get past them. Sometimes you will just have to jump over to progress in the race or simply to avoid falling into the void, but sometimes it will also be necessary jump in to score points or to boost your speed for example.

Fall Guys wheel
Obstacle Fall Guys
Fall Guys Rotating Obstacle

There you have it, you have the basics to start properly in Fall Guys. We wish you good luck for your future games and above all a lot of fun!