How do I earn crowns in Fall Guys?

If you have just joined the crazy world of Fall Guys and you are new to the game, you may be wondering what the game is for crownsBut more importantly, how to get it back. Follow the guide, we explain everything you need to know about it.

What are the crowns for?

With the latest update to Fall Guys, crowns are no longer tradeable. From now on they will be used to raise your Crown Level. This evaluates your talent in the game, as well as your investment.

Crown level - Fall Guys

Like a seasonal pass, the crown level is composed of different levels. There are 54 levels in total. When you win a new crown, you automatically unlock a new tier and get the associated reward. You can find titles such as "Enragedbanners such as "Rosetteor costumes such as the 'Marble' skin.

Winning crowns

As you can see, in order to level up, you need to earn crowns. Previously, it was possible to collect crowns via the seasonal pass, but this is no longer the case in this new version. Now you have two ways to collect them:

  • Emerge victorious from the programmes "solo'. or "stadium stars. Each victory gives you 1 crown.
Crowns - Victory Issues
  • Collect crown fragments. You need 60 fragments to make a crown. It is possible to obtain them through challenges. For example, the challenge "Win any show x 5 gives 240 fragments. In addition, you get fragments by winning shows "Special group20 per victory, and via the "Duets35 per victory.
Fragments - Fall Guys - Challenges

Feel free to consult our guides if you are looking to cross-platform play or create customised parts. Now it's time to show what you can do and lift the crown. Have fun!