ZeratoR tells PopCorn that ZLAN 2023 will be played solo

ZeratoR was one of the guests of DominGo for a new edition of PopCorn. It was an opportunity for him to talk about the announcement of the long awaited ZLAN 2023 and give the first details.

ZLAN 2023 will be played solo

ZeratoR has talked about it several times, but 2023 is the year of change for its biggest recurring events each year. The ZLAN is of course one of the programmes that will see its formula evolve.

While he did not give full details of the programme changes, he did confirm that participation in the ZLAN will be solo this year. Aware that a LAN is more fun when you go with friends, ZeratoR has clarified that players will still be able to register in groups (up to 2 for streamers and 3 for non-streamers). But each competitor will play for himself and there will be only one grand winner in the end. Individual skill will be the key to this multi-discipline tournament, but also adaptability as alliances should be possible.

It may not sound like much, but it will actually change the game enormously. Indeed, it is the end of the pre-event mercatos which could give a significant advantage to the streamers, as they enjoy a greater popularity and therefore much wider applications. It also removes the barriers to entry for players who may not have friends or acquaintances available or strong enough to accompany them.

More info, 29 March

The event is back with 200 people and will take place in May in Lyon. That's about all we know at the moment. To know the exact format of the tournament, the date where the ZLAN 2023 will be held and especially the games that have been selected (spoiler: there will be no Worms!), we will have to wait until the end of the month. Indeed, ZeratoR will present this new edition on 29 MarchThis is a few days after the HammerTime.

We will, of course, come back to you.