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It's a bit of a UFO this year; You Suck at Parking will be one of the 11 games selected for the ZLAN 2023. This independent game developed by Happy Volcano was announced in the summer of 2020 and immediately aroused the interest of arcade game fans thanks to its original concept.

What is You Suck At Parking?

This is an atypical car game. Your goal is to prove the game's namesake wrong. At the controls of a small car, you will have to visit the different levels until you find a free parking space and stop on it. Where things get complicated is that it is absolutely forbidden to stop or reverse between the starting point and the parking space. And the winding roads are full of pitfalls and traps of all kinds.

In each level, you have a limited amount of time to find all the hidden parking spaces. Each time you park, run out of gas, run out of gas... or your car explodes on a trap; you take control of a new car.

In multiplayer, up to 8 people can compete in chaotic races. Players have a limited number of vehicles to find as many parking spaces as possible and get to them before their opponents. Each space found earns points, with a bonus for the first to find them all. With collisions enabled, it's quite a mess on the track.

Some tips for getting started

For each car you have a very limited fuel reserve. The speed at which it is emptied does not depend on your speed, but on the ignition time of your vehicle. You will therefore have to learn to drive very fast, with your foot on the floor, to be sure of reaching the parking spaces. This means that you will need dexterity and excellent reflexes to get through the obstacles at full speed without an accident.

You should also know that you do not have to park perfectly to validate a parking space. You only need to touch the outer lines of the space for the points to be validated. You do not earn bonus points for parking better than someone else.

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