Wreckfest - ZLAN 2024 game

Between Hot Wheels, Trackmania and Rocket League, car games have become ZLAN staples. After You Suck At Parking last year, it's the turn of Wreckfest which should provide us with some thrilling moments and an exhilarating spectacle during the ZLAN 2024.

What is Wreckfest?

Wreckfest is a racing game produced by Bugbear and published by THQ Nordic. While games such as Forza, F1 2024 or even Trackmania are more focused on precision, Wrecfest requires you to be play rather aggressively if you're aiming for the podium.

By this we mean that it will sometimes be necessary to get into one car or another, to cut off at bends or even to make a turn. destroy an opponent to ensure victory. No holds barred... but at your peril!

There are various modes in Wrecfest, from the most basic races to the Demolition Derby and the Battle Royal with tractor-mowers! Yes, you read that right. Whatever format is adopted for the ZLAN - it has not yet been revealed - this title promises one hell of a show!

Wreckfest Rules for ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and the Supervisor have revealed that the game's competition format is not to be underestimated. It won't really be played like a racing game, and some events will take place in teams as well as solo.

Getting ready at Wreckfest for ZLAN 2024

The qualities needed to play Wreckfest

  • Being an ace driver
  • Knowing how to estimate who will have the advantage in different pile-up situations
  • Excellent reflexes

The first piece of advice we can give you to be a worthy pilot in Wreckfest is none other than to playEven more so if you're not used to racing games. It's important to understanding vehicle physics so you can be aggressive when the time comes!

What's more, knowing the PIT manoeuvre is a plus for being aggressive, but also for defending yourself. This is a tactic used by police forces in a chase to immobilise the target. Note that this technique is only useful if your opponent is alone; in a pack, it is likely to cause a traffic jam, which you must avoid.

It's not very complicated. To divert your target from its direction, you need to run into it from the side at a rear lightwith the right or left front edge of your vehicle. By doing this, the targeted car will be forced to pivot and end up in the wrong direction. Remember to keep the roads straight to continue on the right trajectory, or you risk coming to a standstill too.

Drifting is an art in its own right, but one that you need to master a little, despite the difficulty. The best way to understand how to drift well in Wreckfest is to listen to the advice Doc Hudson gives Flash McQueen in the Cars cartoon. "Turn right to go left. Don't forget to apply the brakes as you enter the bend.

This will be particularly useful in race mode, but not especially in demolition mode. If ZLAN 2024 is to be played out in the latter, we strongly recommend that you increase your shield, and in particular reinforce the part that hides the engine. If you don't, you risk a lightning strike! Having said that, you now know where to target your opponents.

To be even more effective in Demolition, we recommend that you learn how to control your vehicle both forwards and backwards! This will help you to get out of tricky situations more easily and, above all, more quickly.

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