Trials Rising - ZLAN 2024 Game

Put on your wetsuit, get on your bike and don't forget your helmet! Trials Rising is making a comeback at ZLAN 2024 ! This hellish obstacle course will put a spanner in the works for all those taking part in the competition.

What is Trials Rising?

Trials Rising is a very special racing game, developed by Ubisoft and released in 2019. At the controls of a motorbike, you must move your pilot's centre of gravity in order to perform the tricks required to clear the various obstructions on the track. Falling off the track or the bike takes you back to the previous checkpoint. In Trials Rising, speed is therefore less important than technique and precisionThe slightest fall will be penalised.

While the first few courses are fairly classic, even realistic, they soon become vertiginous and insane. The game is all about spectacle, explosions and destruction in the wake of the various pilots.

There are many different game modes, including solo, time-attack and head-to-head racing, as well as a number of mini-games, and many different maps of varying difficulty. Some have also developed custom maps.

Trials Rising Rules at ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and the Supervisor have announced that Trials Rising will be can be played solo or as part of a team. The maps will be a selection of official maps and of maps created for ZLAN 2021.

Getting started on Trials Rising and preparing for ZLAN 2024

The qualities you need to play Trials Rising

  • Good dexterity
  • Good reflexes
  • Show a great deal of patience

There's no secret to being good at Trials Rising: you have to play ! Getting to grips with the game, getting used to its physics and training your muscle memory is absolutely essential. It's a game of great finesse, with a lot riding on the feel of the controller in your hand. The triggers and stick are ultra-sensitive, and a fraction of a second or just a little too much pressure can make the difference between victory and failure.

To improve your skills on specific maps, we strongly recommend that you consult the ghosts of the best times. They are available for each map and show the exact commands used by players to pass obstacles. While it's complicated to reproduce these commands perfectly, they can give you excellent clues as to what you need to do to overcome an obstacle.

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