Trackmania 2020 - Game of the ZLAN 2023

Almost 20 years old, Trackmania is still one of the most popular competitive racing games for fans of the genre, especially since the release of Trackmania 2020. Offering the possibility to create your own tracks, the game seduced ZeratoR several years ago. It is therefore not surprising that Nadeo's title regularly appears in its events. After a year's absence, it has been selected for the ZLAN 2023.

What is Trackmania?

If there are games whose concept can be difficult to understand, Trackmania is not. This game is nothing more, nothing less, than a car racing game. The drivers start at the same time on the starting track and have to finish the circuit as quickly as possible to win, in the manner of real F1 races. However, there are some subtleties that differentiate it from other titlesThese include the dizzying speeds that the vehicles can reach, the presence of obstacles on the circuits or the presence of loops, or the possibility of driving over vertical walls.

Some tips for getting started

Simple to understand, difficult to master. That sums up Trackmania perfectly. To make things easier for you and help you get started on these crazy tracks, we could give you a thousand and one tips, but the most important one remains : play the game. It may be clichéd, but it's true. To master Trackmania, you need to test it, to understand how the car reacts to different types of surfaces, to speed changes and more generally to get an idea of the game's overall physics.

In most racing games, you need to keep your speed up to stay ahead; this is not the case in Trackmania. Speed management is an integral part of the game, and this is our second tip: Do not hold the throttle all the time. If you keep going too fast all the time, you run a high risk of going off the road regularly. Sometimes you will need to reduce your speed to be able to pass a turn properly and accelerate again for the next obstacle. To find out more about this, you can read our guide to speed management.

We conclude this guide by mentioning drift and air-control. Understanding how they work is essential to becoming a skilled driver. The first will allow you to take tight turns while maintaining speed, while the second will allow you to better position your vehicle in the air to get going again once all four tyres are on the ground. These concepts are too complex to be discussed in detail here, we invite you to read our different Trackmania guides to learn more.

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