Team Gools wins the ZLAN 2022

The Gamers Origin team trained long and hard for the ZLAN during a bootcamp lasting several weeks. This has paid off as Shuh, Leaf and Oslo are the big winners of this 2022 edition.

Group stages under control

It may be easy to master a single game, but being a good, good multi-gamer is not easy. And yet, from the very beginning of this ZLAN 2022, the Gools showed their skills.

In the first group stage, the trio dominated the other teams by winning the Fall Guys, Elden Ring, Riders Republic and Apex events. It was only on the school event, Zutom, that the team faltered. Despite finishing sixth in this game, the roster finished first in its pool, leaving no chance for Team 28 Plus, nor for Goal Keeper Deceiving, second and third in the pool.

Results of the first group phase of the ZLAN 2022.

During the second pool phase, the Gools team found itself neck and neck with Gameward. Even if this roster won the battle over Worms, Oslo and his team won the war. Again, they won four out of five gamesAge of Empires 4, Fall Guys, Apex and Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Results of the second group phase of the ZLAN 2022.

Thanks to their high performance, the trio qualified for the quarter-finals of this ZLAN 2022.

On the way to the Final

In the quarter-final, Gools players faced Goal Keeper DisappointingThe Rocket League roster is a team of talented players who are particularly at home in the Rocket League. It was in the Rocket League event that this roster went to get their point. Unfortunately for them, the Gools were not ready to give up their place in the semi-finals. With a win over Pro Soccer Online and Apex Legends, the Gamers Origin team made it to the semi-finals against Slide into DM.

An intense semi-final!

To start the semi-final, Gotaga's team chose to face the Gools on Age of Empires 4. When it was their weakest game, Leaf, Oslo and Shuh showed a monstrous level of play to take the point.

After dominating the battlefield, Gamers Origin's roster has also made its mark in the Pro Soccer Online stadium. Nevertheless, we must salute the performance of the two teams, who are very solid on this game, which is particularly complex to handle!

At this stage of the meeting, Gools led 2-0. If the match could have ended 3-0, it was without counting on the errors of the Gools and the performance of Gotaga, Slide and Mickalow during the Elden Rings event. Indeed, with only one death on the counter, Slide into DM won the next point with a very good run!

The clash continued on the running game of this ZLAN: Hot Wheels Unleashed. The circuits and cuts were mastered by all competitors, but it was finally Leaf and his teammates who took the lead in the overall ranking. With this third victory, the Gools have set the outcome of this second semi-final and have reached the ZLAN 2022 Final.

The ZLAN 2022 Final

As every year, this final duel for the title of Champions started with the famous mystery test ! For this ZLAN 2022, it is in a chamboule-tout fight that the two teams faced each other.

At the end of the first round, the Gools were heading for a first win; unfortunately, with several missed shots in the second round, the team lost. Mercatoed then took the lead in the Final.

If Oslo, Shuh and Leaf were not able to practice tumbling during their bootcamp, it is not the same for Apex Legends. The trio was effective in the arena to come back to the score.

The team then went on to earn its second point by winning the Riders Republic. Hats off to Leaf for its more than successful run, which ended with World Record !

The Final continued on Age of Empires 4. Shuh and his team once again dominated the battlefield to secure their third and penultimate point.

With a score of 3-1, the Gools were just one point short of lifting the ZLAN 2022 trophy. In the end, it was on Worms and with the "45,000 ball banana" that everything came together.

Last year, Leaf was satisfied with the second place of the ZLAN 2021, this year, he is the winner together with Shuh and Oslo!