Register and participate in the ZLAN 2023 Qualifiers

During his appearance on Popcorn, ZeratoR revealed that this new edition of the ZLAN would be very special, because played solo. Shortly afterwards, the content creator revealed another important piece of information, namely a qualification phase a first in the history of the LAN. If we didn't have many details about this before, we do now. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the qualifications.

Can I participate?

For the ZLAN, it is customary for all participants to be drawn by lot by the organisers. This year, a small novelty brings hope to all those who did not have the chance to take part in the previous editions. It is no more and no less than a qualification phase. However, not all players will be selected via this method. In reality, this only concerns only 2 participants out of the 200 planned but we already knew that.

What we didn't know before tonight's announcement was how this stage would be run, or even if it would be restricted to a small number of players. This is not the case: the qualifiers are accessible to all players who wish to participate. The total number of participants will not influence the number of places distributed; in any case, only 2 people will be included in the ZLAN. ZeratoR has made it clear that they will be fully paid for (transport, equipment hire, accommodation).

However, it is necessary to registerto be considered in the selection. To do so, please visit the official ZLAN website. Link for registration.

Which games should I train for?

If you feel like a conqueror and want to prove your worth in this stage, you will have to master a total of four games, namely Trackmania (a classic), Shootmania (another classic), Fall Guys (an almost classic) and You Suck At Parking (the UFO). This ZLAN 2023 focuses on the talent of each individual, so with these titles, you'll need to be precise, agile, strategic, as well as an ace driver!

These four games are among the selected games for the ZLAN itself, but you will also have to get your hands on six other titles, in case you are selected. For more information on this subject, please refer to our article dedicated to the ZLAN 2023 games.

The format of this stage

The players will first compete on Trackmania. At the end of this first round, only the 360 best go on to the next. The second game is none other than Shootmania Storm. After which a ranking is established and determines the 38 participants who are moving on to the third stage. They will compete in a unique lobby on Fall Guys. A new ranking will eliminate thirty players, leaving only eight in total. This TOP8 reached the final stage, which will be played on You Suck at Parking.

The two best players on the total ranking of the 4 games will get their place for the ZLAN 2023.

When are the qualifiers?

There is only one date to remember for the qualifications: Sunday 9 April. The first event will start at 5pmfollowed by a second one before a short break, to follow the Mandatory match. The resumption is scheduled for around 7pm. If you are one of the top two players, then you will participate in the ZLAN. Be careful... Before you throw yourself into a hard training session, check that you will be available 12, 13 and 14 MayThe three days allocated to ZLAN 2023.

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