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As every year, the ZLAN will propose a test outside the video game. After dictation, mental arithmetic or geography, this time it is a real puzzle that the participants of the ZLAN 2023 will have to solve.

What is a puzzle?


Well, okay.

Puzzle is a game for all ages that consists of assembling pieces together, usually made of wood, in order to reconstruct a picture painted on the sides of each piece. It is both a concentration and relaxation tool that promotes memory and space management.

The modern jigsaw puzzle as we know it today is said to have been invented by John Spilsbury, an 18th century cartographer who thought that cutting his maps into small pieces would make learning geography more fun. The pieces were shaped like the different countries and would not fit together easily unless they were completed.

Several centuries later, the puzzle has evolved in many different ways. Depending on the pattern painted on the pieces, their shapes and also their number, puzzles are more or less complicated to put together. There are 50-piece puzzles for children, as well as puzzles with more than 10,000 pieces for the more experienced player. There are even three-dimensional puzzles for reconstructing objects or buildings.

It is not yet clear what form the ZLAN puzzle will take.

What is a puzzle? Seriously?

Some tips for getting started

If you've never done a puzzle before, there are a few tricks that can help you solve one more quickly and easily.

The first and most useful tip of all: start with the edges. Your first instinct when starting a puzzle should be to isolate the four corners, and all the pieces that make up the edges. These are the pieces that have one completely flat side (two flat sides in the case of a corner piece). Then join the edges together to create a frame and draw the rest of the puzzle inwards.

The second tip is that if you are given the final picture to put together, study it well before you start the puzzle. You can then spot the dominant colours in the picture and collect the pieces that have similar colours, as they are likely to be close to each other.

Finally, do not try to put the puzzle together from the outside in or from one side to the other. Try to find shapes that are easy to put together, such as faces or an animal, and put the pieces together. It is easier to put together packages of 10 to 20 pieces than to go piece by piece without relying on the patterns.

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