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PUBG is one of the titles selected for the ZLAN 2024. Whether playing solo or as part of a team, this game promises fierce, intense battles that are sure to delight spectators and the Supervisor alike! Here's some advice on how to get started in this now iconic game.

What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknow's BattleGrounds. Developed by PUBG Studios, this title is none other than the one that democratised the Battle Royal. The game takes its name from the pseudonym PlayerUnknow, that of the Creative Director, Brendan Greene, initially known for the mod DayZ on ARMA II, then for the game of the same name.

By now, the concept of Battle Royal is widely known to most gamers, but when it was released in 2017, the idea was highly innovative 100 players compete on the same map until only one is left!

And let's face it, between managing your inventory, mastering your weapons, implementing advanced strategies and losing life points due to a shrinking zone, PUBG is a real challenge. a particularly demanding game.

PUBG Rules at ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and Overseer have revealed that PUBG trials will take place all in FPP (first-person view). Battles can be fought on the following three maps: Deston, Erengel and Vikendi. Some games will be played with 99 players, but perhaps with fewer in the advanced stages of the tournament.

Getting started on PUBG and preparing for ZLAN 2024

The qualities you need to play PUBG

  • Be discreet, aware of the noise you make and whether you are visible or not
  • Shooting accurately, taking into account the range of each weapon
  • Being able to assess a situation very quickly, knowing when to rush in and when to flee

At the start of the game, it may be tempting to jump out of the plane quickly, but that's not really a good idea. In fact, it's even better wait a little while for other players to jump to avoid getting stuck in the crowd once on the ground. Otherwise you risk dying stupidly for lack of stuff. Which brings us on to the next point.

It is important to choosing the right landing zoneThey don't all give access to the same loot. By favouring big citiesyou can easily obtain enough to survive throughout the gameBut the risk of facing other players is greater. We advise you to only go into these areas if you are very confident in your aim and reflexes. Otherwise, opt for slightly isolated buildings in the countryside. There won't necessarily be a lot of weapons and equipment, but the chances of survival are much greater.

And you can always take a vehicle to another location afterwards. More importantly, take care when travelling. We advise you to play as close to the zone as possible, or even outside it if you have enough heal available. If you're lucky and you're in the centre of the next zone, try to get to the highest point; that way you'll have a significant advantage over those below. And it will be easier to engage in combat.

Bear in mind, however, that not every battle is worth fighting. In PUBG, the objective is survival. Killing helps, but it's not even necessary to win. Nobody's forcing you to take down dozens of opponents single-handedly.

Throughout the game, it is essential to be sure to lock the doors of the buildings you visit! If you don't, the other players will know that someone has been there - or that someone is still inside - and will be even more suspicious. On the other handIf the door is closed, they may be less vigilant about entering, although it's important to be on your guard at all times and to check every nook and cranny, of course. What's more, a player who opens a door is a player who makes noise. You'll always know if someone is nearby, and especially if someone has just set foot in your building.

Besides, overall, sound is the essential element of PUBGWhether it's the sound of a door, footsteps, the roar of an engine or sniper fire. Think about it, and bring good quality headphones. A word of advice on the fly: whenever possible, do not break windows to get in or outIt makes a hell of a racket...

To achieve TOP 1 status, it is not enough to master the sound of the game; it is just as important to managing your inventory. Carry only what you need. Besides, when you want to retrieve objects from the ground, use the menu that groups together all related itemsRather than selecting those that interest you one by one. It's much quicker and therefore more effective, because the longer you're out in the open, the more likely you are to get a bullet through your skull...

If the ZLAN event is played as a team, think about dividing up the roles. In a trio, one can be the group's 'doc', taking care of the group's health and boots, another can look after the ammunition and weapons equipment, while the captain is responsible for defining the game plan. This means that you practice giving orders, but also receiving them!

Victory will be yours if you work as a team...

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