PowerWash Simulator - Game of the ZLAN 2023

It is the event of the year, shall I say? Of the century! PowerWash Simulator is making its debut at ZLAN 2023. This high-pressure relaxation game will force players to get their hands dirty in a very special speedrun event.

What is PowerWash Simulator?

PowerWash Simulator is a game developed by FuturLab and published by Square-Enix. In this game, you are in charge of a cleaning agent whose mission is to wash objects or places covered in dirt. You are armed with a high-pressure water jet that you will have to learn how to use to be as efficient as possible.

When it was released, PowerWash Simulator surprised many with its concept. While Steam is full of so-called cheap simulations, PowerWash Simulator stood out for its many qualities. It offers a simple, pretty game, offering as much satisfaction as relaxation as you clean up every inch of the game's ever larger and dirtier maps.

The ZLAN, on the other hand, will inject a little stress into all this. While in the classic PowerWash Simulator modes, there is no time limit, the participants of the ZLAN will compete in a race for cleanliness.

Some tips for getting started

One of the most important points for a beginner is to learn to differentiate between the different nozzles of the water jet. This is because you will be able to change the nozzle tips to get different jets. The more concentrated a jet is, the more range it has and the better it cleans, but its washing surface is small. On the other hand, large jets clean larger areas, but need to be closer together. There is a jet for every situation.

If PowerWash Simulator is played in a ZLAN-style team, you will need to divide the tasks (got it?). It's much more efficient if each player takes care of different sites. Designate a captain at the beginning of the game and he alone will assign you to the different objects to be cleaned.

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