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For almost five years now, NorthgardRTS, developed by Shiro Games, brings Nordic mythology to the world. In order to win the ZLAN 2023 prize money, participants will have to be strategic and combative!

What is Northgard?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Northgard is an RTS. If you are not familiar with this type of game, let's start at the beginning. RTS stands for, Real Time Strategy. You face one or more other players in real time, and all actions are performed in parallel. So there is no downtime as there is in a turn-based game. This means that you have to constantly adapt your game to what is happening on the field.

Having said that, let's dive a little deeper into the world of Northgard. This title invites players into Nordic mythologyEach player takes control of a Viking clan with its own specificities. As soon as the game starts, you will have to work hard to grow your community, collect resources, build buildings, hunt game, trade and fight your opponents.

The conditions for victory in Northgard.

You might think that the bloodiest Clan Chief is bound to win. If it is indeed possible to win the game by razing all the opposing villages, victory by DominationThere are a few other methods. Instead of trying to slaughter your peers, you can choose victory through Wisdom accumulating ancient knowledge and pleasing the Gods. If you prefer glory, then victory by fame is for you. In this case, map control, feasting, hunting or building are the main focus. By answering the call of the gold, you can win the game through victory by trade. You will then have to take possession of the precious treasures of Northgard.

In some cases, other ways of winning are activated, for example the Helleim victory. This requires taking control of a specific area and defending it for a specific period of time.

Some tips for getting started

Before we offer you tips on any of the details, we strongly advise you to start a game in story mode. To become a worthy conqueror and one day reach Valhalla, you must learn the basics and understand how the game works. If you are not a big RTS player, this is a must.

Once you are a little more familiar with the mechanics of Northgard, you can focus on certain points to become more efficient. And to be effective, it is essential to have units that scan the area regularly. In doing so, you will know where the most useful resources are, such as iron or game. The more information you have about your environment, the more you can adapt your game and react to opposing actions. This means that you will have to keep an eye on your scouts so that they do not fall prey to your opponents, and you will have to build a scout camp as soon as possible.

Your ability to grow your clan will quickly be limited if you do not have enough food or woodTherefore, focus on these two resources at the beginning of the game. You can build a Lumberjack's Hut in the first few seconds of the game. Remember to place it near the area with the most conifers, as close as possible, to maximise the recovery of wood.

If there is one mechanic in Northgard that should not be overlooked, it is the mood of your clan, well their level of happiness or satisfaction to be more exact. It is imperative that you maintain it at a good levelIf you don't, you won't be able to attract new villagers, and your progress will be blocked. You have several ways to improve it, such as extending your territory, the presence of brewers (at the same time, they are Vikings) or by organising festivities. These will have the added advantage of boosting your production of wood, food and crowns in particular.

Finally, since you have a choice of methods to win the match, decide quickly for either victory condition. Not choosing gives you the opportunity to turn around if you see that the situation is becoming complex, but by making a first choice you will give yourself objectives to be achieved to meet the winning criteria, without spreading yourself too thinly over all the possibilities. As a beginner, this can make your job much easier.

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