Minecraft - Game of the ZLAN 2023

18 November 2011, Minecraftthe now iconic "sandbox by Markus Persson, became accessible to all. It quickly became one of the most popular games around the world, both because of its innovative nature and because of the infinite number of stories and adventures that can be experienced with friends or alone. This year, the participants of the ZLAN 2023 will have to be well prepared to finish the game as soon as possible!

What is Minecraft?

As mentioned above, Minecraft is a game sandbox" type or sandbox in English. In simple terms, the title offers players a great deal of freedom in terms of progression, creation and interaction with the environment. Using tools such as pickaxes, axes and shovels, the virtual adventurer can harvesting different resourcesHe can also fight animals and other creatures, such as zombies or pigs, to collect food and other useful items. They can also fight animals and other creatures, such as zombies and pigs, to collect food and other useful items. As a true architect, the player can build his own house, fully equipped, and with a little practice, create just about anything he can think of. And if he plays in survival mode, well, he has to survive; any death is final. You have to start over again! That's the spirit of Minecraft.

To complete the story of Minecraft, you need to acquire a very good armour, as well as adapted or even enchanted weapons. Yes, magic is an integral part of the game. More than that, it normally takes a little time, as you have to complete a number of tasks and build a portal that requires you to collect very specific resources in order to reach the Ender. It is in this dreadful world that the Dragon hides, the final boss and target of the most valiant survivors.

Participants in the LAN will not have time to stroll along the water's edge, have tea with villagers or collect a thousand and one resources. In order to survive in the LAN, they will have to complete the adventure as quickly as possible.

Some tips for getting started

Minecraft may be a game that is many years old, but it is quite possible that you have never played it before. To help you get a good start on your adventure in its vast and dangerous lands, we have some tips for you.

When you start a game, you will quickly realise that your inventory is empty and that you will have to create your own tools. At this stage, your priority is to recover woodThis is the resource that allows you to build up the basis of your equipment. You can simply knock on tree trunks with your bare hands. However, don't waste too much time and energy making a lot of wooden equipment, limit yourself to the pickaxe. This will allow you to harvest stone more quickly, which will provide you with enough to make a first set of good quality tools.

As you may have noticed, your life is not unlimited and your character has a hunger gauge. So you'll have to start hunting quite early in the adventure. Build up a good supply of food by killing animals that are easy to eliminate. Do not attack dangerous creatures directly, as you may lose your life foolishly.

With these two tips, you should be able to take your first steps into uncharted territory without too many problems. However, we have one more tip for you, and not the least. Never dig under your feet! It may be tempting to pick up a block that is so close to you, but it is a terrible mistake. Why is that? Because you don't know what's underneath. In the best case, there is another block, in the worst case, an immense void that will make you fall into the bowels of the earth. And then it's almost certain death.

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