MicroWorks - ZLAN 2024 game

Ready for some frenetic mini-game action? MicroWorks makes its debut at ZLAN 2024 ! This fast-paced series of short events will test the competitors' adaptability and endurance.

What is MicroWorks?

MicroWorks is a free multiplayer game released in 2022. In this game, up to 16 players get together in an arena and have to complete a series of simple tasks that progress at an increasingly fast pace. Some of these are skill tests, such as dodging projectiles, while others are thinking tests, such as mental arithmetic. Each successful test earns one point. The player with the most points at the end of the rounds wins the game!

Being an expert in a particular style of game is a plus, but MicroWorkds requires that you simply be good enough at everything: platforming, combat, FPS, driving and so on. Above all, it rewards responsiveness and the ability to adapt to personal skill in a particular area.

MicroWorks Rules at ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and the Supervisor have announced that MicroWorks will be played exclusively by in "Game and Score" mode" . Parties may include up to 16 players !

Getting started with MicroWorks and preparing for ZLAN 2024

The qualities you need to play MicroWorks

  • Demonstrate a high level of responsiveness
  • Be able to adapt to the constantly changing rules of the game
  • Be generally adept at all types of gameplay

Once again, there's no secret when it comes to MicroWorks : the best thing is to play the gameAnd lots of them! As well as the necessary reactivity, the tests are simpler and less surprising when you've seen them at least once before. Well know the type of challenges that the game can impose on us will dramatically improve your reaction time and your ability to make the right decisions.

For the more complex games, it's best to establish specific strategies in advance. But there are so many of them that it's complicated to list them here, especially as you never know whether or not they will be played in the game. In the end, the best thing is to be ready for anything!

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