Lockness wins the ZLAN 2023

For four days, no less than 200 players competed on the ZLAN 2023 games. A true videogame marathon, the event reveals each year talented players, such as Lulux, the youngest of the competition or Locknessthe big winner of this edition. Already very impressive during the qualification stage, which allowed him to secure his place at the LAN, he showed himself to be more than excellent during the different stages of the tournament, and this, until the final!

Winner of the qualifications

In contrast to previous years, the 2023 ZLAN included a preliminary qualification stage This was a godsend for players who did not want to rely on luck and chance to get their slot in the tournament. And there were some participants.

No less than 1400 people took to the track on the Trackmania Qualifiglaçon circuit, specially designed by ZeratoR for the occasion. This first game was demanding and only the best 320 went on to the next stage. The qualification contenders were not out of the woods yet, far from it. Shootmania and Fall Guys narrowed the field down to just 8 talented individuals, who then went on to compete on the competition's UFO, You Suck At Parking.

Taak and Lockness won the ZLAN 2023 qualification.

Among these multigaming experts were TaakTMa regular of the ZLAN, but also Locknessthe future winner of the 2023 edition. But no one knew that. What we did know at this stage, however, was that their respective performances in the last event and the three previous ones offered them one of the 200 slots available.

A very nice course

By winning this first stage, Lockness became one of the challengers to watch, and a major contender for the title. If some would have wanted to cry rookie luck, they would have been very much mistaken.

In the first round of Free For All, he was again effective, starting by joining the TOP 5 during the speedrun on Minecraftand then picking up the phone second place in the general ranking on Trackmania. Although the puzzle was not his favourite test, it did not prevent him from moving on to the next stage.

After slipping through the cracks in the first team events on Valorant and PowerWash Simulator, he once again proved to everyone that he deserves his place in the ZeratoR tournament. Despite his many hours of play on Garry's ModEven Oslo could not defeat Lockness, which finished in pole position, out of a total of 160 players. And as if to confirm his dominance of the room, he also won the event You Suck At Parking ; just in front of the former ChampionOnce again...

Without too much difficulty, he then passed the other team phases, contested on ShootMania Storm and Northgard, thus joining the final stage of Free For All with the 60 best competitors. With a new event comes a new opportunity to shine, and Lockness understood this. Full of determination, he finished third on Trackmania, fourth on ShootMania and won the match on Golf Gang. It is recalled that the Fall Guys event has been replaced due to problems with the game.

Although he did not take the top step of the podium, he still achieved second place overall. This score was more than enough to advance to the final stages alongside Nykho, Oslo, Crocodyle, TaaK, Lulux, Artsnif and Wingobear.

The final eight players of the ZLAN 2023

On the way to the Final

Before Lockness could get his hands on the €21,023 cash prize promised to the overall winner, he still had to face seven strong competitorsSome of them were regulars at the ZLAN. During this phase, making a mistake was no longer an option, as one player left at the end of each game. The objective was not necessarily to win the game, but not to lose it.

Because of its unparalleled consistency - finishing second in rounds 1 to 5 - Lockness made it to the Grand Final in front of more than 150,000 viewers and a delirious audience. The script was more than perfect: he was going to oppose Oslohis long-time training partner and friend.

Results of the ZLAN 2023 TOP 8

When asked about his ZLAN journey, Lockness did not hide his contentment and said he was ready to give it his all to win the last duel:

My ZLAN was literally perfect. I didn't miss any of the games I didn't want to miss. I haven't made a single game above TOP4 since the beginning of the ZLAN. [...] I couldn't have wished for better. [...] I'm clearly going to give everything to win, because I love tryhard and because it's also the spirit of the ZLAN and finally because it's just fun to give everything!


The consecration of Lockness

The format of the ZLAN 2023 was quite different from the previous editions. Despite many changes, one stage remained unchanged: the mythical mystery game of the final. Last year, Oslo took part in a chamboule-tout, this time he faced the other finalist in various events. On the programme: a precision wall, a mop and air hockey. Because that's what esports is all about!

Despite his efforts to stay in the race, Oslo lost quickly to Locknesswho earned himself a point by winning the BO9. He even took the opportunity to lift his first trophy of the evening.

The two acolytes showed an incredible level of skill and both gave us a great game. In turn, they took a point on their favourite gameLockness won on Trackmania, while Oslo won on Nadeo's other title, Shootmania.

At this stage of the competition, the finalists are real machines. On You Suck At Parking, they drive with precision, avoiding obstacles without even thinking about it, as if they were playing a piano score in their heads. Yet the game seems almost simple when they show off their skills... And Lockness still had plenty of talent to spare. For the third time in this final, the player won.

Since the ZLAN Grand Final is played in BO7, he was only one point short of the fabulous ZLAN Champion title. Lockness put an end to his opponent's hopes of victory, and thus made his own, by winning the battle on Northgard. As ZeratoR says so well "he lifts his first title!"

Lockness, Oslo and Nykho took first, second and third place respectively. Although they were the best that night, the other members of the TOP8 did not lose out. A special ovation for Lulux who finished eighth, but also for TaakTM who took seventh place, Crocodyle, who, despite not knowing what he was doing there, took sixth place, and Wingobear and Artsnif, fifth and fourth of this edition, who fought to the end on Garry's Mode to the delight of the audience.

We will end this recap by congratulating all the other players who took part in this unique adventure!