Players to watch at ZLAN 2023

There are only a few weeks left before the start of the the ZLAN 2023. No duo or trio in sight... Each competitor will have to rely on his or her own skills to try and win a share of the €52,023 at stake! Streamers or not, the 201 selected are already hard at work on the 11 games of this edition. For those of you watching the competition on Twitch, popcorn in handHere is our selection of participants to follow in this ZLAN.

Favourite participants

Among the 201 people who will participate in the ZLAN 2023, there are a few to watch (very) closely, as their track record in previous editions is so impressive.

The winners of the qualifiers

New for the 2023 edition, two slots were up for grabs through a qualification phase. On Trackmania, Shootmania, Fall Guys or You Suck At Parking, Taak and Lockness have proven their skill and versatility.

If you have been following the ZLAN for a few years, the pseudo Taak probably doesn't look familiar to you, and that's quite normal! This talented multigaming player was part of Team Mercatoed during the ZLAN 2022. Together with his teammates Nykho and Titatitutu, he reached the Grand Final, but had to settle for second place. There is no doubt that he will do his best to lift the trophy this year!

LocknessEven the UFO of the qualifiers, You Suck At Parking, did not scare him, as he finished second just behind Taak. The winner of this first stage, which brought together no less than 1,400 participants, is already a serious candidate for the podium.

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Taak and Lockness won the ZLAN 2023 qualification.

Former finalists

The experience of the ZLAN is definitely a plus to better apprehend the competition. More than experienced, the following players have all reached the finals of a ZLAN at least once, or even lifted the trophy. It goes without saying that we will have to keep an eye on them!

  • Oslo - If Taak and his team only managed to win the trophy at ZLAN 2022, it was because Oslo and the other Team Gools were the best. Oslo is a true all-rounder. Whether at the wheel of a car or as a battle leader, he will undoubtedly use his expertise to reach the final stages of the 2023 edition.

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  • Nykho - As a member of Team Mercatoed, he also participated in the ZLAN 2022 final. Genius pilot, he had distinguished himself during the training phase by breaking records on the Hot Wheels Unleashed tracks. So we're waiting for him on You Suck At Parking! Although he didn't get the chance to win the 2022 edition, he is still a top challenger, as he reached the top step of the podium during the 2019 ZLAN.

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  • Titatitutu - This is another name that should be familiar to you if you are a fan of the ZLAN. This multigaming war machine has reached the final stages of four different editions! In 2019 and 2022, he finished in second place and got the third step of the podium in 2020 and 2021. His knowledge of the ZLAN world will make him an excellent partner during the team events.

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  • KennyStream - Undefeated in LAN petanque As he writes in his Twitter bio, Kenny is the latest player in our selection. He knows the ZLAN well! In the past, he has both reached second place and won the competition. Able to finish Trackmania tracks with the Guitar Hero guitar, he is a strong competitor. He'll be coming for a new trophy, no doubt about it!

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Personalities for gol-ri!

It is a fact, the ZLAN is a competition, but it is above all a moment of conviviality, laughter and good mood. What better way to enjoy this ZLAN 2023 than a fun live show? With this in mind, a selection of streamers that we recommend you to follow for a good gol-ri!

  • Stars - As well as being very good, as evidenced by his winning the 2021 ZLAN with Kenny, Etoiles will entertain you as it does so well.

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  • Gom4rt - This is not her first ZLAN. Determined to be among the last survivors of the 2023 ZLAN, she trains again and again. And the training sessions don't always go as planned...

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  • Domingo and Sakor - The first one decided to try the ZLAN as a touristWorms is not included in this edition. The second one has simply lost a bet with ZeratoR. Whether it's with Popcorn's dad or Solary's CEO, the ZLAN 2023 adventure is going to be a lot of fun to follow.

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This list is of course not exhaustive, you will also find Doigby, JLTomy, LittleBigWhale, Lutti, TheGuill84 and many others. All names are available on our article dedicated to the selected streakers. You are free to follow those you wish!

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