The list of ZLAN 2023 games

The ZLAN is one of ZeratoR's key events. Each year, it invites all participants to compete on about ten games. The variety of genres on offer makes this LAN a particularly intense and difficult competition. Worms, a classic of the event, is not among the titles selected for the ZLAN 2023. With games such as You Suck At ParkingThe fun and difficulty will be there, despite the absence of this mythical game.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys will be at ZLAN 2023

After a resounding success during the 2022 editionFall Guys returns for ZLAN 2023. This Battle Royal fun and spicy forces players to be agile, to think and sometimes to betray... In this game, the participants embark on a obstacle courses on colourful fields. It's sure to be a lot of fun!

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Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod will be at ZLAN 2023

Initially, Garry's Mod was a mod for the Half-Life 2 title. Real SandboxThe game offers players the chance to create just about anything they can think of, such as ships or cars made from bathtubs, cadis and other unusual objects. Garry's Mod also has many mods, such as the Deathrunfor even more chaos and fun. Something to spice up this ZLAN 2023!

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Minecraft will be at ZLAN 2023

Garry's Mod will not be the only Sandbox of this 2023 edition, as Minecraft will make its comeback at the ZLAN. It is a construction and adventure gameThe game will immerse players in a world made of square blocks. Create your own house, mine gems, forge diamond armour, fight zombies... We can't wait to see the pros of the pickaxe compete for finish the game as quickly as possible!

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Northgard will be at the ZLAN 2023

This ZLAN 2023 focuses on the skill of each participant, and skill is needed to master Northgard. In the manner of Age of Empires, this strategy game will test the players' thinking skills to the limit. The most daring will emerge victorious from the battlefields, and one of them from the ZLAN itself.

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Powerwash Simultator

Powerwash Simulator will be at ZLAN 2023

If you already follow ZeratoR, then you know Powerwash Simulator. In this fun and (very) satisfying game, players take on the role of cleaning staffwho remove the dirt with a pressure washer. This title promises some particularly funny and unforgettable matches!

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If you participate in the ZLAN 2023, you will make a puzzle.

Don't go searching on Steam for any game called PuzzleYou would be doing it in vain. Here we are talking about of a real puzzleA physical object, to be assembled with your ten fingers! As for the number of pieces... 4, 127, 351 or 2023 or the image it represents, the mystery remains.

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Shootmania will be at ZLAN 2023

This is not the first time that Nadeo's title has been invited to the ZLAN, as Shootmania was already among the games selected in 2020. This is of a particularly tactical FPSThis is a game in which precision is essential. Using electric beams and rockets, ZLAN participants will compete in fast and furious games!

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Trackmania will be at ZLAN 2023

Trackmania, a car racing gameis another strong title from Nadeo. Much appreciated by ZeratoR, it is even at the heart of the Trackmania Cup. At high speed, drivers will have to prove themselves in the of exemplary precision to complete the circuits designed by ZeratoR for the event.

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Valorant will be at ZLAN 2023

What is Valorant...? That's a good question! The simplest answer can be found in our article entitled How do you explain the purpose of the game to your parents? And as ZeratoR would say, For more information, visit Mandatory.GG. We even have a guide to perspective-advantage !

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You Suck At Parking

You Suck At Parking will be at ZLAN 2023

ZLAN is all about fun and competition, a bit like You Suck At Parking after all. In this racing gameIn this event, participants will have to navigate their way through hellish obstacles in order to be the first to park!

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The choice of the public

The ZLAN 2023 games list - mandatory zlan banniere mystery game -

The last game will be selected through a votevia Twitter. Four titles have been proposed, namely :

  • Unrailed - railway constructions in a crazy time trial!
  • Turbo Golf Racing - Rocket League, but it's golf!
  • HyperJam - fighting with katanas, grenade launchers and even hammers!
  • Golf Gang - chaotic multiplayer golf!

Access to our article on audience choice for more information.

The mystery test!

As usual, the finalists will face a mystery game. Don't tell anyone, but we've prepared an exclusive guide to the format of this event. To get a head start on the other participants, refer to our article dedicated to the mystery game!

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