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The teams to watch in the ZLAN 2022

The ZLAN 2022 starts in a few weeks! The 228 selected players are training hard to win the competition around the 11 games selected this year. Most of them are even broadcasting their training sessions on Twitch. That's why we wanted to make a selection of the teams to follow at the ZLAN 2022.

The favourite trios

Of the 76 trios, there are four to watch closely! Because of their experience, their seriousness and their talent, they have a great chance to reach the quarter finals.

Slide into DM

If there is one team to fear, it is the French Monster. Gotaga and his comrade in arms Mickalow have nothing left to prove in terms of their skills. Not only do they perform well on the games they enjoy, but they also adapt extremely quickly to new games and enjoy the tryhard. To make matters worse, they are joined by Slidethe winner of the ZLAN 2020.

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FC Clair

An original trio, but also a scary one. KennyThe ZLAN 2021 winner is back with two new great teammates. Hqrdest is a former Overwatch pro who was already able to humiliate Godrick in Elden Ring, while Nuja is a fan of all kinds of challenges and speedruns on his Twitch channel. This is probably the most versatile team for an event as varied as the ZLAN.

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Leaf is back this year. After failing to make the final of ZLAN 2021, he is determined to get his revenge in this new edition. The former Overwatch pro is joined by another player from Blizzard's FPS, Shuh. They are accompanied byOsloa former Fortnite pro for Vitality. This trio will represent the GamersOrigin team.

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Get out of here

This trio was to include Signys, Mpé and Nemsbut the latter was prevented from doing so and finally gave way to Sniiper. Signys reached the semi-finals of the GPC. Mpé is an Apex Legends pro, while Sniiper is a Rocket League ace. So they have clear advantages in some of this year's events. They are probably the most complementary trio at ZLAN 2022.

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Trios for gol-ri

Not all teams go to the ZLAN with the pretention of winning the tournament. That doesn't mean that they won't train or give their best, but rather that they come for the pleasure of participating and entertaining the public. So we have selected four trios to stream throughout the event!


As they say so well, they are not here for the title, but for the clown! After a real soap opera on social networks, Stars is participating in the ZLAN 2022. Even though he is one of the title holders of the previous edition, he comes this year with no other ambition than to have fun and to entertain us. And with the CEO of KCorp, Kametoand his henchman, BefreshTo accompany it, we will probably have a good laugh.

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Marwhale & Co

The love of video games and cheese, combined in one great team. LittleBigWhalea tryharder and Sunday singer, joins forces with the energetic Gom4rt and to Cokooo the artist-connected. So it's the return of the duo who are reigning terror in the ZLAN Battle Royale, this time accompanied by a player they used to play and stream with. This is the team to watch if you want to see skill and hear screams that will pierce your eardrums.

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Elite Units

The LSPD's elite are slipping away from RPZ to the ZLAN 2022. MoMaN, Rivenzi and Berlu put on the uniform and prove that they are men of the field above all! This trio is made up of three strong personalities, yet radically opposed, as is their video game background. Suffice to say that they will give us a hard time.

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FC Flowers

Ponce, Onutrem and Wingobear are joining forces for ZLAN 2022. The former is known for his slowruns and love of Nintendo, while the latter shows his affection for Big N by humiliating all his opponents on Mario Party. The two are joined by Wingobeara former Trackmania professional and winner of the very first ZLAN. An alliance of skill and good humour that could go a long way.

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