ZLAN 2024 dates

During his last visit to Popcorn, ZeratoR made it official that a new ZLAN would be held this year. ZLAN 2024which seems to be in the hands of the Supervisor, a mysterious new character, will take place. from 10 to 12 May. These three days of competition promise to be fun, intriguing and intense!

ZLAN 2024 will take place on 10, 11 and 12 May.

We also know that several people will have to register, and that the format will be inspired by that of the ZLAN 2023. Consequently, this ZLAN 2024 will be played out well solo.

Little by little, the rules governing the various ZLAN 2024 events are being revealed on the event's X account. As well as providing additional information, presentation videos shows us that the Supervisor is indeed the boss of this edition.

New this year, the ZLAN is moving to the South of France. The tournament will therefore be played at the Zénith in Montpellierwith the public on the final day.