The format of the ZLAN 2023

During his recent visit in the programme PopcornZeratoR will meet with viewers later this month to learn more about the format of the ZLAN 2023. The wait is now over. The least we can say is that this ZLAN aims to be unique. And to achieve this goal, it has a completely new format. Designed as a a real show more than a simple tournamentThis year's edition focuses on the talent of the participants. We explain everything you need to know in this article.

A solo LAN, but not only!

The ZLAN 2023 is unique, as it differs from previous editions in several ways. The information was already known, but the reminder is useful: the ZLAN 2023 is a one-man showHowever, some events will be team events and others will be based on alliances between participants. Nevertheless, some events will be conducted as a team and others may be the subject of alliances between the participants. There will be 200 participants in total, including two selected by a qualification phaseThis is discussed in more detail below.

The overall format of the ZLAN 2023.

The ZLAN 2023 games

They were expected by all, here they are... the games selected for the ZLAN 2023. This year it will put all the players to the test on a total of 10 sets. Focusing on the accuracy, reflexes and thinking skills of each participant, the LAN will feature events on Minecraft, Trackmania, Valorant, Powerwash Simultator, You Suck At Parking, Shootmania, Garry's Mode, Fall Guys and Northgard. The tenth game will be chosen through a vote. Internet users are invited to choose from four titles: Unrailed, Turbo Golf Racing, HyperJam and Golf Gang.

For more information on each game, please refer to our article dedicated to the ZLAN 2023 games.

The different stages of the ZLAN 2023

This year's event begins with a qualifying round and then a draw to determine the 200 participants. The LAN itself consists of 7 different stages and a repechage phase. In the rest of this section, you will find an outline of the format. ZeratoR has not provided the full details at this time and it appears that they will only be revealed on the day.

The qualifications

The players will first compete on Trackmania. At the end of this first round, only the 360 best go on to the next. The second game is none other than Shootmania Storm. After which a ranking is established and determines the 38 participants who are moving on to the third stage. They will compete in a unique lobby on Fall Guys. A new ranking will eliminate thirty players, leaving only eight in total. This TOP8 reached the final stage, which will be played on You Suck at Parking.

The two best players on the total ranking of the 4 games will get their place for the ZLAN 2023.

Link for registration.

The main tournament

The body of the LAN includes a total of 7 stages. The very first stage will be played solo, as will the final stage. The other stages include events in which players can only rely on their personal skills, and others in which they will have to work together to survive. We also know that for team events, the best players from the previous stage will take on the role of the "best player". the role of captain. They will be responsible for training the teams.

In addition, the ZLAN 2023 incorporates a voting system and eliminations. When a team loses a challenge, its members will have to choose which player will leave the adventure.

Voting will be present throughout the competition, even in the final stages. The format will allow for the selection of 4 talented players, who will advance to the next stage of the tournament. They will be joined by 2 players selected via a vote of the already eliminated participants. These two people are chosen from the last competitors to leave the tournament. Two other people, from the repechage, will be added.

Thus, the 8 qualified players will compete in different games, until only the two best players remain. The final stage of the ZLAN 2023 will see the top 2 players of the competition compete in of a BO7 electric. Each of the two participants will be able to select one game, the others will be drawn at random. As usual, the finalists will also face the mystery testThe content of the agreement will remain secret until the last moment.

The draft phase

In parallel to the main competition, this edition will feature a Loser Bracket in direct elimination. It will involve all players eliminated before the quarter-finals and will offer a second chance for two participantswho will re-enter the tournament at this stage. There is no need to tryhard any other games, they will be the same as the ones used in the main tournament. The games used will only be revealed at the time of the ZLAN.

In short, to qualify and win the 52023€ from chasprizeThe training starts now! As a reminder, the ZLAN 2023 takes place on May 12, 13 and 14. Make sure you are fully available on all three days if you want to participate.

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