Garry's Mod Deathrun - ZLAN 2023 Game

For the first time, the ZLAN will host Garry's Mod! And more precisely, its Deathrun mode. A rather special variant where players race through a maze of death traps, pursued by hunters.

What is Garry's Mod and Deathrun?

As its name suggests, Garry's Mod (abbreviated to GMod) is actually a mod created by Garry Newman. It was a Half-Life 2 mod made to test the possibilities of the Source engine. At first it only offered a few simple options, such as basic object modelling and animations. This was enough to create machinimas, i.e. videos using a game engine to create (often stupid) stories. The GMod gradually became more complex until it became a real tool for creating games that fully exploit the Source engine.

From Gmod came many memes, but also video games in their own right. The best known of these is certainly Prop Hunt, where a player must hunt other players on a map disguised as elements of the scenery.

In ZLAN, the Deathrun mode will be used. This is a rather old game mode, but it has gained a lot of popularity thanks to Minecraft and the creative mode of Fortnite. In concrete terms, players are divided into two teams: runners and trappers. The runners will have to cross a map full of traps of all kinds. These traps are activated by the trappers, selected at the beginning of the game, well under cover with a view on everything that happens.

The goal of the runners is naturally to get to the end of the map without dying, while the trappers control all the obstacles and have to kill as many players as possible.

Some tips for getting started

It is difficult to give advice on how to improve in Deathrun.

As a runner, the most important thing is to be particularly attentive to places where traps might be located. If there is a long, seemingly empty corridor, you can be sure that a ceiling will fall on you or that spikes will come out of the floor.

Finally, unlike a game like Fall Guys where you have to understand the rhythm of the obstacles, the most important thing here is to deceive the trap masters by taking it at the wrong time. Make it look like you're going to run up, only to run back down, for example.

You can also take the risk of letting a player pass in front of you in order to understand the trap that awaits you, or you can cross the obstacle while the trap is reactivated. Keep in mind that if you let a player pass, they may not die and finish the race before you.

For trappers, it's all about seizing opportunities. The more players are crowded in one place, the more likely it is that your trap will mow down one or two of them. Be reactive and communicate well with your teammates to synchronise the attacks and not let any runner get away first.

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