Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #6

After a crazy weekend, the ZLAN 2022 is now over! At the end of all these intense fights, Team Gools won this 2022 edition.

For this last Best-of Twitch Clips dedicated to the ZLAN, we propose you to come back on some incredible moves and magic moments of the LAN !

But what a goal by Gotaga!

Although it may not look like it, the game Pro Soccer Online is particularly difficult. It requires a real mastery and a very good precision. Gotaga offers us a perfect demonstration with this goal!

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And splash!

During the duel between Mercatoed and the Gools, Nykho and Leaf competed against each other on Worms. At this level of the competition, the CDFs, or crazy moves, are impressive. On this round, luck has no place, it's all about talent!

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Apex Legends seems too easy

Hqrdestfrom the FC Clair team, is a monstrous player on Apex Legends. While some prefer to lurk in the shadows, he advances straight at the enemy. His fluidity of movement and his mastery of shooting have scared many a player!

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A new pet?

If you hadn't noticed, the ZLAN 2022 had a little dancing mascot. He's such a cute little green alien, isn't he DamDam ?

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Another story of karma...

In the previous week's best-of, karma was involved in TheGuill84's race. In this part of Fall Guys, it's Mickalow and his team who are paying the price. What action on the part of Samurai Cat !

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It was a cursed run of Riders Republic... It was all set to happen Wingobear, Mercuro and Kenny...

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Smell good or win?

A real gamer who trains for the ZLAN doesn't even think about it. The shower is for the weak!

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The Zutom will have given some players a hard time... Senil ? Sexil ? Sepil? But what was the right word Stars ?

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It's always a banana story!

On WormsIf you don't believe us, look at this action from the team's point of view. If you don't believe us, take a look at this action from the team FC Clair !

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This crazy slowdown!

The mystery test of the chamboule-tout was not as simple as it seems. The Mercatoed and Gools players understood this, as not all of them managed to master the move. But for Titatitututhis pitch went rather well...

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To infinity and beyond...

.... On the other hand, Shuh was not as successful on this pitch.

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Never speak too quickly

During a rush on Age of Empires 4, Wingobear and Ponce thought they had the upper hand over their opponent. Unfortunately, they were in for a nasty surprise...

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F the stream...

The good atmosphere of the ZLAN also includes the pranks ofAntoine Daniel !

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The dragon tamer

During this run on Elden Ring, Marcotte had no time to lose. Agheel had no chance of resisting the efficiency of the Gameward player. It's clean!

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So many goals!

During this Pro Soccer Online, opposing MCES Go to Hard and MercatoedThe goals are coming and the pressure is mounting!

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OMG the dinguery!

During the training weeks, Nykho has continued to show his talent on Hot Wheels Unleashed. He broke several records on the ZeratoR maps and mastered the various cuts to perfection. Proof of his expertise in image.

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Everybody up!

The ZLAN 2022 was open to the public for the first time. And what an atmosphere! During the break, and because everyone adopted the mascot, a little dance was improvised.

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This is simply genius.

Shonenvie was not one of the favourites for nothing. This combo on Worms was masterful. Not a word more, we leave you to enjoy this action.

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It's a massacre!

Kenny and his team managed this round ofApex Legends with flying colours. Taaktm, Titatitutu and Nykho had no chance against this aggressiveness.

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What is this word?

When ZeratoR and Antoine Daniel find themselves facing the ZutomWould the admins have allowed themselves to use dirty words?

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Showering is a no. Moisturising is yes!

It is necessary to stay hydrated, especially during important ZLAN matches. Afterwards, when you don't have time, you don't have time. Isn't that so? Kenny ?

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Why drive when you can fly?

With research and practice, ZLAN players have found cuts on ZeratoR maps to beat the times again and again. Amongst all the shortcuts found, this finish is a beauty. Gotaga shows you what the skill is on this Hot Wheels Unleashed.

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A legend.

The runs ofElden Ring will have made us shiver throughout the ZLAN! In this sequence, it is Stars who performs a feat in Radagon's Crimson Wolf. Admire!

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Team Gools win the ZLAN 2022!

He finished second in the 2021 edition, Leaf is the winner of the 2022 Final. This is alongside his teammates, Shuh and Oslo that he lifts the trophy!

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Thank you for following this ZLAN with Mandatory!