Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #5

Here we are! The ZLAN 2022 starts tonight! All the players are in place and ready to fight. Today, we offer you our 5th selection of the best Twitch clips of the ZLAN 2022 players' training!

Please feel free to submit your clips to Mandatory's Discordin the #clips channel!

Well, Trivia?

Using the grappling hook in Worms requires a high level of dexterity, at the risk of ending up at the bottom of the water...

See the channel of LittleBigWhale.

What do you prefer?

There's no doubt about it, Ponce commands respect with this word that allows him to find the word in just two moves. This clip is not to be taken out of context, of course.

See the channel of Ponce.

I catch you, and you fall!

While on Fall Guys, many players are content to try to survive, Romain Jacques is not afraid of the eyes and after a little scare manages to knock down his opponents to win the game!

See the channel of Romain Jacques.

Karma always catches up with you...

We keep telling you that karma is always waiting for you around the corner... This time, it's TheGuill who pays the price on Hot Wheels Unleashed!

See the channel of TheGuill84.

The bug attack

Poor Gom4rt, abandoned by LittleBigWhale and cokoooooo in the middle of the wild beasts of Apex Legends...

See the channel of Gom4rt.

See you next Friday for a new best-of!