Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #4

The ZLAN 2022It's only a week away! The players are starting their final training phase in order to be ready for the competition. Today, we offer you our 4th selection of the best Twitch clips of the ZLAN 2022 players' training!

Please feel free to submit your clips to Mandatory's Discordin the #clips channel!

A Bazooka shot that was a bit... weak!

When discovering Worms' weapons, you always need a trial run to know the specifics of each one. For LyeGaiaThis first time at the Bazooka didn't go very well...

See the channel of LyeGaia.

This time it's the right one!

Sometimes a motivational speech is enough to succeed in the challenge you have set yourself. Unfortunately, this was far from the case for Rizenzi against the Crimson Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring.

See the channel of Rivenzi.

The star strategy at ZUTOM

Stars shares with us his amazing strategy to improve at ZUTOM. Do you think it was the 4 in a row of Questions Pour Un Champion that inspired him to do this?

See the channel of Stars.

It's unconventional, but it works!

With Wraith, Mickalow offers us an exotic action based on repeated teleportations. The important thing is to make kills, after all!

See the channel of Mickalow.


As the night progresses, fatigue sets in and so do the slips of the tongue, Cokooo can testify to this!

See the channel of LittleBigWhale.

See you next Friday for a new best-of!