Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #3

The ZLAN 2022 was announced at the beginning of the month and registration closed a fortnight ago. The players are already training to reach the best possible level before the fateful weekend. Today, we bring you our 3rd selection of the best Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 players' training!

Please feel free to submit your clips to Mandatory's Discordin the #clips channel!

There is a world where...

As the clock ticks down to the end of the game and a defeat for Guill and his team, the latter is trying his best to score. So maybe?

See the channel of Guill.

Pushed to victory

Just as Wingobear continues his training on Hot Wheels Unleashed, and now he is literally being pushed to the finish line. Thanks to Etoiles!

See the channel of Wingobear.

A little help from the hammer?

Not everyone has the class of MoMaN on Fall Guys. While all his opponents take the conventional route, he prefers to win in a slightly less conventional way.

See the channel of MoMaN.

What is a rager?

ZUTOM, where this incredible game allows you to learn new words. Don't know what a rager is? Ask GotagaNow he knows.

See the channel of Gotaga.

But... Margot?

When you're playing Fall Guys and you're two steps away from the finish line, but you just want to "have fun". Well then Gomartwe troll his teammates ???

See the channel of LittleBigWhale.

See you next Friday for a new best-of!