Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #2

The ZLAN 2022 was announced at the beginning of the month and registration closed a few days ago. The players are already in training to reach the best possible level before the fateful weekend. Today we start our selection of the best Twitch clips of the ZLAN 2022 players' training!

Please feel free to submit your clips to Mandatory's Discordin the #clips channel!

This game is getting too easy!

While some are struggling to find the word of the day on TUSMO, PonceThe ZUTOM event, on the other hand, is a series of one-shots in multiplayer mode. The ZUTOM event of the ZLAN promises to be epic!

See the channel of Ponce.

Preparing the ZLAN according to MoMaN

While training on Fall Guys, Rivenzi talks about a ZLAN bootcamp with MoMaN and Berlu. MoMaN seems to be happy with this idea. There's nothing like being able to berate your sidekicks face to face when they're bad!

See the channel of Rivenzi.

No... nots over there Micka!

Last week, Pontius discovered, unfortunately, some of the corners of the Apex Legends maps... This week it's Mickalow from the roof to the void, there is only one step!

See the channel of Mickalow.

Leaf future Hot Wheels Unleashed champion ?

Leaf continues its training in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and to say the least, it's performing extremely well. Who says you can't fly in a car game?

See the channel of Leaf.

A lot of cuts!

Leaf may be talented, but he's not the only one performing on Hot Wheels Unleashed. Indeed, he is, Nykho is a strong contender: he simply set a record time on BaieTonneHier, one of the circuits created by ZeratoR for the ZLAN.

See the channel of Nykho.

See you next Friday for a new best-of!