Best-of Twitch clips from the ZLAN 2022 #1

The ZLAN 2022 was announced at the beginning of the month and registration closed a few days ago. The players are already in training to reach the best possible level before the fateful weekend. Today we start our selection of the best Twitch clips of the ZLAN 2022 players' training!

Please feel free to submit your clips to Mandatory's Discordin the #clips channel!

Lutti full of good advice on Apex Legends

In the middle of a coaching session for Stars and BeFreesh, Lutti offers some excellent advice on aiming in Apex Legends.

See the channel of Stars.

Wingobear's first try

When you try to optimise your words at Zutom, you use words with as many different letters as possible at the same time, like toe for example. Well, lucky for Wingobear because that was really the word to find!

See the channel of Wingobear.

The slide

As of Ponce discovers the Apex Legends cards and their voids, at his expense...

See the channel of Ponce.

Leaf's huge cut on Hot Wheels Unleashed

It will not surprise you if you are told that Leaf is already well versed in the shortcuts in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

See the channel of Leaf.

When karma knocks on your door

One should never claim victory too quickly, at the risk of being caught up by karma, should one not Rivenzi ?

See the channel of Rivenzi.

See you next Friday for a new best-of!