The list of ZLAN 2024 games

ZeratoR has revealed the games in the ZLAN 2024 at its live event on 6 April 2024! Racing, skill, survival, strategy and many other genres are represented this year!

The ZLAN 2024 Games


Celeste is this year's speedrun event! This extremely technical platform game will be played in segments (so not the whole game in one go).


Kallax, Unexpected's chaotic team furniture-building game, is coming to ZLAN! Teamwork and cool-headedness will be essential to win.

League of Legends

Riot Games' MOBA is finally at the ZLAN! It will be played in various game modes during the tournament. We don't have any details on this at the moment.


MicroWorks is a frenetic party game comparable to Wario Ware, played by up to 16 players! You need to be good at all types of game.


PUBG, the Battle Royale that democratised the genre, is coming back to ZLAN. It will be played in FPP (first-person view), on several maps and with a variable number of players depending on the stage.


The game hasn't even been released yet, and it's already on the ZLAN! This little game is both a sliding game and a Mario Kart-style racing game!

StarCraft Remastered

This year's RTS will be StarCraft Remastered. The forerunner of esports will give players' APMs a workout, both solo and in teams.

Trials Rising

Parkour, motorbikes and lots of balance: that's the cocktail offered by Trials Rising, which returns this year with official maps and custom maps.


Racing and crashing: this spiritual successor to Destruction Derby plunges players into races where crashing into your opponent may be the best strategy.

The Zuste Priz

This year's ZLAN 2024 "school" game will be a copyright-friendly version of Le Juste Prix. Participants will have to estimate the price of various shop windows to the nearest euro. ZLAN spectators can win these shop windows!