ZLAN 2024 ticketing

The ZLAN 2024 was announced by ZeratoR during his recent appearance on Popcorn. As well as revealing the dates of the tournament, May 10, 11 and 12, and a few changes, he also indicated that the final day of competition would be open to the public.

Obviously, it will be necessary to reserve your place. Tickets are available at htdplaces.comwill open its doors from 6 April to 10 May.

Although entries are still being accepted for trios, this year's edition of the will be played sololike last year's. While the format won't be changing much, there will be a few new features, starting with the fact that LAN will be moving from one region to another, to take up residence at at the Zénith in Montpellier.

ZLAN 2024 - The Supervisor will be the Master of the Game

The other major innovation is that ZLAN 2024 will be in the hands of the Supervisora scheming individual commissioned by a higher entity to find THE player who will surpass all others.

Dear Inhabitants of the Earth,

I've watched your development over the centuries with fascination. Your determination and strategic thinking have caught my attention. Get ready to push your limits and show what you can do.

See you on 6 April to find out what I have in store for you. The future belongs to those who dare.

Do you dare?

The Supervisor