Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea qualify for ZLAN 2024

Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea are part of the 198 ZLAN 2024 participants. A top performer on PUBG, Starcraft Broodwar and Trials Rising, Kaorim is already considered one of the players to watch. Who knows, we might just have found him! the new Lockness !

Survival first and foremost

The launch event of the qualifiers already demanded a certain amount of skill, as it was nothing less than PUBG. During the first game, Team 9 - made up of Frenetix, Gugusea and Kaorim - split up at the start of the game, a rather bold choice. Despite the situation, Frenetix survives his first dueltaking the third kill of the game.

The three acolytes then met up again a little later to finish the game side by side. Survival was rewarded handsomely, they chose to play it safeThey skimmed the edge of the zone, occasionally gleaning information from a vehicle. At the end of the game, Frenetix and Gugusea were unlucky when the zone tightened up.

Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea win ZLAN 2024 qualifiers - mandatory zlan 2024 team kaorim frenetix gugusea game 1 pubg 02 -
A complicated end to the game...
Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea win ZLAN 2024 qualifiers - mandatory zlan 2024 team kaorim frenetix gugusea game 1 pubg -
Don't show your face!

Frenetix took a bullet from Haedra, a blow that proved fatal. GuguseaIt managed to stay alive for a few seconds, but eventually died in its turn. With a TOP3The team was in a good position to reach the next stage, but it still had to perform just as well in game 2.

In the second part, Frenetix and his two comrades opted for a rally from the outset. Once again, they preferred to play for survival with their vehicle, rather than engage in complex confrontations.

But what had to happen, happened! At an intense and fierce battle against Team 13Frenetix fell after eliminating Rodrigolol. Meanwhile, Kaorim went for the kill on Vulnerra and Babiilalbilux from Team 5.

Team Kaorim, Frenetix, Gugusea scores on PUBG

A few seconds later, Gugusea died at the hands of Matryosleaving Kaorim as his team's sole survivor. Determined to move up the rankings, he took down mec2tessi, but ShorK2Rue was there for the revenge...

This time, the team finished in tenth place. Thanks to a few kills in the game, but also to the fact that other teams took the lead compared to the previous game, Team 9 still managed to qualify for the next round.

Kaorim dominates the server

On Starcraft BroodwarBy the end of this stage, only 8 trios remained. A special feature of this stage was that only one of the three members was taking part in the fight! Suffice to say, the pressure was on when this Free For All got underway.

Kaorim and his Terran stayed out of the confrontation for around twenty minutes, before moving into action. And what better way to begin the assault, by sending a nuclear bomb on an opponent. Needless to say, hroo will remember this Phantom who hurt him so badly...

Kaorim takes up more and more space on the mapKaorim had accumulated resources and units, and were on their way to a certain victory. At the end of regulation time, the verdict was in: Kaorim was first in the game with 158,303 in scoring. An even more impressive feat when you consider that he launched the game for the first time two weeks earlier.

Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea win the qualifications for the ZLAN 2024 - mandatory zlan 2024 kaorim victory starcraft -
Kaorim dominates the waiter!

He was closely followed by Babiilabilux, who fought to the end to give his team a place in the final!

Frenetix, Gugusea and Kaorim qualify!

When the first round on Trials Rising begins, there's nothing left only two teams left Frenetix, Gugusea and Kaorim on the one hand, and Babiilabilux, Haedra and Vunerra on the other. All set off for ZLAN Urbex with one goal in mind: to win their place at the ZLAN!

While the first races were fairly close, this was not the case for the following ones. Kaorim, imperial, a string of TOP1swith almost disconcerting ease. He even ran away with the score, leading by more than 30 points at the end of the second heat on circuit n°5. And to no one's surprise, his team came out on top in the qualifiers. Kaorim performed very well in all the games, making him a definite contender for the title. one of the challengers for ZLAN 2024.

Kaorim, Frenetix and Gugusea win the qualifications for the ZLAN 2024 - mandatory zlan 2024 kaorim scores trials rising -
Koarim dominates the waiter again!

Will he succeed the same feat as Lockness last year by winning both the qualifiers and the LAN? See you on 10, 11 and 12 May to find out!

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