The Zuste PriZ - Game of the ZLAN 2024

After the puzzle last year, the ZLAN 2024 will be offering participants the chance to test their knowledge in a new event outside the world of video games. This year's event, make way for Zuste PriZ!

What is Zuste PriZ?

The Zuste PriZ is a copyright-friendly variant of the Juste Prix. Initially presented by Max Meynierthen repri by Vincent Lagaf in 2009 and has recently been joined by Eric Antoinele Juste Prix is the French version of the American programme The Price is Right. The concept of the show is simple: a series of tests, Candidates are tested on their knowledge of the prices of various products. For example, they have to estimate whether the price of an item is higher or lower than the one on offer, guess the real value of an item or choose which price corresponds to which item from a selection.

Another of the show's strengths is without doubt the famous shop window. Made up of high-tech items such as a hi-fi system, a TV or a computer, a car, a trip and a whole host of other products, this prize pack is a real winner. the ultimate reward for the candidate who has qualified for the final stage. But before you can get behind the wheel of your new car, you'll need to find the right priceto the nearest euro. Not an easy task, especially with a stopwatch running in the background!

The Zuste PriZ Rules at ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and the Supervisor have revealed that participants will have to estimate the price of several windows on site and... that's about all we know, apart from the fact that ZLAN 2024 spectators who come along on Sunday will be able to win one of these different showcases!

Getting started on Zuste PriZ and preparing for ZLAN 2024

The qualities needed to play Zuste PriZ

  • Go through all the catalogues in the world
  • Know the stock market, materials and electronics at your fingertips
  • Being lucky

It's difficult to give advice for an event like Le Zuste PriZ. But we can make a few recommendations. Starting with pay attention to the prices of products on the shelves when you go shopping over the next few weeks.

It is also possible to browse website tabs of different supermarkets, ready-to-wear stores, tech boutiques and beauty shops to find out what the current prices are in different sectors. The more you widen your search, the better prepared you'll be on the big day.

In fact, the main difficulty in this type of event is undoubtedly lack of knowledge in certain areas and prejudices about the value of products of that field. For example, if you're asked to estimate the price of a tractor or a blusher, you may have no idea because you've never been interested in them, or you may have a precise estimate because you work in these areas. We therefore recommend that you you test on objects that are new to youThen check your answers on the internet.

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