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Hot Wheels Unleashed is the latest game from ZLAN

The ZLAN 2022 was announced on the ZeratoR stream last Wednesday and with it, the different games on which participants will compete. Between Worms and Apex LegendsThe gap is wide, but a different kind of game will also be needed to win this year, as Hot Wheels Unleashed joins the selection of games for the event.

For a week now, Hot Wheels Unleashed has been competing with Slapshot: Rebound, ShellShock Live and SMITE in a community poll. The result of the poll is clear and it is the small car game that wins with % of the votes.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game released in late 2021. Halfway between Trackmania and Micromachine, it puts us with the toys of our childhoodIt was a great way to get to know each other, on tracks built in our garages or kitchens at the time. Hot Wheels Unleashed took those who tried it by surprise. It has to be said that we didn't necessarily expect a licensed game to be so ambitious. But with the developers of MotoGP It's not so surprising that Hot Wheels Unleashed is as dynamic and technical as it sounds, and offers a real sense of speed.

For the ZLAN, ZeratoR has already raised the idea of create the circuits themselves which will be played at the event, in the manner of its mapping for the Trackmania Cup. We will explain very soon how to download and play these races.

Remember that the ZLAN 2022 starts 8 April and that there is only one month left for the selected competitors to train. Roll on youth.