Golf Gang - Game of the ZLAN 2023

Like last year, the public was invited to select one of the ZLAN 2023 games through a vote. With over 38% of the vote, Golf Gang has made its mark. For almost a year now, this title developed by Lazy Monday Games has been inviting players into chaotic and very funny golf games. The ZLAN players will have to show exemplary precision if they want to dominate their opponents...

What is Golf Gang?

In most golf games, players play as a character, whereas in Golf Gang, they directly embody the ball. The objective of this game is relatively simple: each participant tries to finish a course full of pitfalls as quickly as possible, with a minimum of moves. Although this may seem simple at first glance, there is a special feature that makes the games more complex: everyone plays simultaneously! In addition, there are a multitude of game modifiers, such as explosive collisions or low gravity. Chaos quickly sets in on the course. This game is closer to a Fall Guys mini-golf version than a PGA Tour 2k23.

In addition to the most fun of all the Golf Gang modes - which is none other than the one we explained earlier - the title offers two other ways to play. You can test your agility in frenzied time trials with Time Trial mode. Here, only the time to finish each hole matters. The other available mode is called Classic Golf. As the name suggests, the real rules of sport govern the games.

Some tips for getting started

Simple to understand but difficult to masterThat's what Golf Gang is all about. If you want to become a mini-golf fan, the best advice we can give you is to playSimply put! Before wanting to make hole-in-one at each game (which is almost impossible), you need to have a good understanding of shooting, power and rebounding.

That said, we do have a few tips for you. As in Fall Guys, it can be interesting to disassociate from the group to have free rein. Because of collisions with other players' balls, you may fall off the map or simply have to make extra shots to finish the course. If you have a little more space, you can better anticipate the trajectory of your ball. And trajectory in Golf Gang is extremely important. And the path that the developers have laid out may not be the most appropriate one. There are many cuts on every pitch, which can give you overwhelming victories!

While it may be tempting to shoot your way to the front, you should take some time before each new shot. We are talking about a few seconds at most. Why would you do that? Simply because you can't make two moves in succession, because of the cooldown. It is therefore important to check the angle at which you are going to shoot. Without a little time to analyse, you could get stuck in a corner, end up in the void after a jump, or even go backwards after a bad bounce. Note, however, that when you burst a helium balloon, you get your shooting ability back. Pay attention, otherwise you will probably end up in free fall.

Also, when the ball gets close to the flag, wait a bit to see what happens before you fire your next shot. If you are close enough to the end of the course, the ball is as if automatically sucked into the hole. It would be a shame to lose the round for a shot that was probably not necessary...

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