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After the electric encounters it generated during the previous edition, Fall Guys is back at ZLAN 2023 for even more chaotic matches. When it comes out in 2020, this Battle Royal à la Intervilles has quickly won the hearts of casual gamers and streamers alike.

What is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a multiplayer game with a lot of different events, however the overall concept of the game is the obstacle course. In most cases, each participant plays for himself, but sometimes they have to cooperate in team events. It's fun, it's very funny and it's very colourful. This platform game requires precision, reflection and also a bit of practice to master. Players can run, jump forward, or attack other players to slow them down.

Why on earth would they want to do such a thing? The answer is two words: Battle Royal. In a Fall Guys game, the objective is to be the fastest to qualify for the next race. Each race has an increasingly smaller number of places. For example, players are regularly eliminatedThis will ensure that only a small number of participants remain for the final round. At the end of this final stage, only the best takes the winner's crown.

As mentioned earlier, this title offers a variety of activities. Players participate in obstacle coursesThere is also a "race" in which the sole objective is to cross the finish line in the first place. There are also survival testsThe participants must stay in the playing area until the end of the time limit. They must sometimes collaborate to score points, for example during a football match or chase an opponent to steal something from him.

Some tips for getting started

When you first start playing Fall Guys, the most complex part is getting to grips with your character. Which, by the way, is a bean. And since it's important to finish obstacle courses quickly, to ensure a place in the next event, you might want to follow the masses. Yet, if you can, get away from the pack! By sticking to the other participants, you limit your possibilities of movement, which does not facilitate your learning. You also run the risk that others will deliberately get in your way. If you leave the group for a while, you will be able to avoid obstacles more easily and even take alternative paths that are less congested. However, this requires that you practice a little on each map to understand all the subtleties.

In addition, do not neglect your ability to grip objects or opponents. On the keyboard, you must use CTRL (left)at the helm the RT button. This skill is extremely useful. You can, for example, hold on to an obstacle to move forward more quickly in the race or to avoid an imminent fall. If you form an alliance with other players, yes it is possible but dangerousIf you are a member of a team, you can try to prevent other participants from reaching the finish line while your allies are crossing it.

For more tips and tricks, please refer to our guide to tips in Fall Guys.

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