Create and share your ZLAN 2022 player profile!

The ZLAN is fast approaching and the 228 players are entering their last week of training! At Mandatory, we wanted to give these players, but also the spectators, the opportunity to create a ZLAN profile thanks to a personalised sheet to share on the networks.

You can create your own player record to compare your scores with the competitors of the ZLAN, your friends or your acquaintances on the various networks. You can even create a card on behalf of the players to estimate their strengths and weaknesses, according to you!

Mandatory ZLAN player card
Example of a ZLAN player card for Mandatory

These sheets are based solely on a self-assessment of your skills and are not subject to very rigorous scientific testing. It's up to you if you want to be perfectly honest... or if you want to bluff your opponents into believing that you are too strong on a game, forcing a ban on it when in truth you suck!

Click here to create your ZLAN file

Please note that we do not collect any of your data when creating these files. The cards are not stored on our servers. When you create a card, you must either use the button to share it on Twitter or save it on your computer to share it as you wish.

As a reminder, the ZLAN 2022 will take place 8-10 April ! Feel free to compare your records with your friends and share your profiles with us on Twitter by mentioning @MandatoryGGNews throughout the week and during the event.