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Celeste will be the speedrun event of the ZLAN 2024 ! Beneath its simplistic platformer exterior lies a particularly rich and challenging game that will separate the excellent players from the merely good.

What's Celeste?

Celeste is a 2D platform game independent film released in January 2018. It quickly gained an excellent reputation, thanks to its script which deals metaphorically with heavy subjects such as depression, but also and above all thanks to the richness of its gameplay.

In Celeste, you play as Madeline, a young woman whose goal is to reach the summit of Mount Celeste (hence the name of the game). Underneath its simple exterior, with only a jump button, a dash button and a wall-clinging button, Celeste's level design turns out to be much more complex than it seems. Each chapter features a new type of obstacle or challenge, and the player has no choice but to surpass himself if he wants to reach the top.

Completing the Celeste storyline is difficult, but largely doable. The real trouble starts once you've finished the game. Celeste has almost more content after its end credits than it had before. Difficult and extremely difficult versions of each chapter exist, with tons of secrets and 2 bonus chapters of considerable length.

These additional levels force the player to discover advanced gameplay mechanicsThere are also a whole host of other techniques that can be used to create new movements, techniques that players were not even aware of when they embarked on the adventure. There are a host of techniques that use and combine the game's mechanics to create new moves. Doing a jump at the end of a dash allows you to make a jump with a lot of momentum, while doing an upward dash along a wall while doing a jump at the last moment allows you to kick the wall and climb extremely high into the air. And those are just two basic examples. Madeline has a whole range of extremely technical moves, many of which are frame-based, but which allow her to transcend the physical limitations of the game.

It's this technical nature that has made Celeste a favourite with speedrunners. New and veteran players approach the levels in completely different ways, and the more seasoned players have the impression of flying through the game like an aerial ballet.

Celeste Rules at ZLAN 2024

ZeratoR and the Supervisor have announced that the event will be played at various times during the ZLAN. It will be a segmented speedrun, only on Side A of the chapters 1 to 7. This means that competitors won't have to complete the entire game in one go, but they will still need to be able to master the game in its entirety.

Getting started on Celeste and preparing for ZLAN 2024

The qualities you need to play Celeste

  • Skill with a joystick and keyboard
  • Know most of the advanced moves
  • Knowing the optimal speedrun route

Celeste will be present at ZLAN 2024 with a speedrun event! It's going to be a pretty tough event, as to get the best possible times, participants are going to have to learn all the advanced techniques mentioned earlier. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help you learn and practise!

But the first piece of advice we'd give a ZLAN player is not to worry too much about advanced techniques and to discover the game for yourself. It's important to play the game for the first timeThe aim is to get used to your own physique and natural obstacles. This helps you to understand your own pace and limitations, so that you can better overcome them later on. What's more, Celeste is a great game and everyone should be able to discover it by playing it normally! It will also help you to decide whether you're more at home with the keyboard or the controller.

Celeste - Game of the ZLAN 2024 - mandatory zlan 2024 celeste gym -

Once the game is over (assuming that the end credits of chapter 7 mark the end of the game), you can start getting down to business with a few tools. These tools mainly take the form of mods, developed by fans. Some fans have created what are known as " Gyms", levels specially created for training purposes.

We recommend that you download the Strawberry Jam Collab. It's a collection of around a hundred fan-created chapters, but includes a number of extremely well-constructed gyms that teach the essential speedrun techniques.

There are also plenty of videos on YouTube to help you learn speedrun and its techniques. We recommend these two videos, which cover the most important points you need to know to achieve good times in the game.

Finally, you should know that there are an international Discord dedicated to Celeste and its speedrun, with several thousand users! If you're bilingual and polite, you'll probably meet people there who'll be delighted to help you.

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