Reset your stats in Elden Ring

Sometimes in Elden Ring, you think you'd like to redistribute your stats. Whether it's after finding a particularly cool looking weapon or after reading our guide to statistics and realised that you were wrong all along. Fortunately, it is possible to reset your character without losing your levels and your progress in the game! But you'll have to advance a little in the game.

Rennala, Queen of the Moon

To reset your stats, just ask Rennala! Well, that's easier said than done, since she's hiding at the top of the Raya Lucria Academy, in the lands of Liurna. And she won't be very happy to see you.

To reach it, you will have to go to Liurnia (by beating Godrick or bypassing Voilorage from the East). From here, you will need to collect a key to the Academy. There is one protected by a Shard Dragon, a little to the west of the academy. You don't have to kill the dragon to get the key.

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Once you have the key in your pocket, go to the Academy and walk through it until you reach the top. There are many enemies on the way, as well as a mandatory boss to kill, the Red Wolf of Radagon. It is quite fragile, but extremely powerful.

When you finally arrive in Rennala's room, you will have to beat her too. Indeed, Rennala is the second major boss of Elden Ring and she holds the Great Rune necessary for your rebirth.

Once Rennala has been defeated, she will stay in her room and offer to resurrect you in exchange for a Larvae Tear.

What exactly is renaissance?

We'll reassure you right away, you do not fall back to level 1 after a respawn. If you ask Rennala to respawn you will simply have to reassign all the stats you have gained since the beginning of the game. You keep your level and absolutely everything else you have gained.

Where to find Tear Drops?

If you only need a tear or two to make up for some mischief, you can find one in the Albinauric graveyard, behind the poisonous lake of Liurnia. To reach it, you will have to go under the great cliff, into the underground cavity.

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You can also buy one from the Siofra merchant, in the basement of the Entre-Terre.

For the rest, Tear Tears are usually obtained by killing shapeshifting monsters. There are many enemies in Elden Ring that pretend to be something other than what they are. You may come across a small peasant and as you approach him, he actually turns into a gigantic dragon.

If you reach the city of Nokron, most of the enemies leave it behind when they die.