Everything you need to know about Fortnite Ascension

After the resounding success of Trackmania Ascensionthe tournament organised by ZeratoR and ZQSD Productions is back for another edition. This year the competition will be played on Fornite. Bullets will fly and heads will roll. In the end, only one will remain!

Format, dates, registrations, ticketing and cashprizes - you'll find it all here. all the information you need about Fortnite Ascension on this page.

A new edition on Fortnite

Fortnite is an iconic shooter developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. Released in 2017, it is one of the titles that popularised the Battle Royal genreIn this game, several players battle it out until there is only one survivor.

The Ascension format will include both Battle Royal Classic mode, that No Build, Build Fight and Creative. The competition requires players to master the title in its entirety.

Fortnite Ascension game modes

Battle Royal

The classic competitive mode, in which 100 players battle it out until only one remains.

Battle Royal format - Fortnite Ascension

No Build

A variant of Battle Royal mode, in which construction is deactivated. Here, shooting skill takes precedence.

No Build Mode format - Fortnite Ascension

Jump (Creative)

Players have to climb a mountain as quickly as possible, avoiding the obstacles. The course is timed. If necessary, the maximum height reached by the participants will be taken into account.

Jump Mode format - Fortnite Ascension

Realistic (Creative)

A variant of Battle Royal mode, with random spawns and a much smaller area than the classic maps. All players have the same inventory at the start of the game, and can then pick up other items on the ground. The game is played over several rounds.

Realistic Mode format - Fortnite Ascension

Boxfight (Creative)

More to come...

Moving Zone (Creative)

More to come...

The Fortnite Ascension format

This new edition of Ascension includes three main stages There are two qualifying phases, which are rewarded, and the Grand Final, which will award the lion's share of the cash prize. Every time you qualify, only the top 30 are selectedfor a total of 60 players to the final stage.

Ascension Fortnite global schedule

Phase 1 - Qualifying stage
30 players selected

Phase 2 - Qualifying stage
30 players selected

Phase 3 - Grand Final
On stage in Marseille
60 participants

To find out more, see our article : Fortnite Ascension Format.

Important Fortnite Ascension dates

Fortnite Ascension will take place over several months. The final will be played on stage at the Palais des Sports in Marseille and will be open to the public. The whole event will be commented on by Doigby and ZeratoRand broadcast on its Twitch channel. Between registration and ticketing, there are some important dates to remember.

29 May at 8pm

  • Opening of the ticket office

During July

  • Registration opens (Phase 1)

31 August and 1 September

  • Phase 1 Tournament

During September

  • Registration opens (Phase 2)

5 and 6 October

  • Phase 2 tournament

26 October

  • Grand Final at the Palais des Sports in Marseille

Registration for the Ascension Day qualifiers

To take part in the Ascension qualifying stages - phase 1 and phase 2 - you will need to sign up. Registration is solo on the Ascension siteduring July and September. There is probably no limit on the number of players. Note that all players who took part in phase 1 and did not obtain a slot for the Final can register for phase 2.

Fortnite Ascension Ticket Office

The ultimate battle a grandiose show of several hours to the public on site in Marseille. To attend, you need to buy your ticket. The ticket office has opened 29 May. There won't be enough seats for everyone... (around 6,000 available).

Buy your ticket for Fortnite Ascension

It has three categories of seats :

  • Gold square: €50
  • Category 1: €40
  • Category 2: 30

The Fortnite Ascension cash prize

  • How the cash prize works :
    • From 13 May to 28 June: ZeratoR chain subs,
    • From 13 May to 19 October: donations can be made to an external kitty,
Fortnite Ascension Cashprize

The reason why the cashprize for the Ascension tournament is so attractive - it was €128,000 last year - is because it is participative. Last year, it was only harvested by through subscriptions to ZeratoR's Twitch channel.

This year, a new donation system has been made available, in addition to the old method. The kitty will be open for several months - from May to October - which means that the total cashprize will be constantly changing.

Participate in the Fortnite Ascension Kitty

For the Phases 1 and 2there will still be a set amount (10. 000€). The remainder of the prize pool will be reserved for the final stage. All TOP8 players will get a share according to the following distribution:

  • 1st - 60%,
  • 2nd - 12%,
  • 3e - 8%,
  • 4th - 6%,
  • 5e - 5%,
  • 6th - 4%,
  • 7th - 3%,
  • 8th - 2%,