Apex Legends

Wraith, the Warrior of Apex Legends

Wraith Apex Legends

Wraith is a very versatile Legend, designed to be played in a variety of ways offensive. Its liabilities will prove to be very useful in terms of the information gathering and will let your team know if you are in danger.

Very mobile and stealthyit can do cross long distances to his team without being detected, in order to reposition himself or to escape from a complicated situation.

It is a Legend that is not meant to be played solo, but will nevertheless need to get away from its teammates in order to for recognition and prepare the ground. When played well, it can be a formidable weapon and a key factor in leading your team to victory.

Active : In the Void

Wraith active capacity

When it activates In the VoidThe Wraith enters a kind of space-time rift and becomes almost invisible to the enemies. Indeed, the latter can only see a blue glow that moves. 

Once the ability is activated, Wraith becomes untouchable for 4 seconds and has her movement speed increased by 30%. When she enters this void area, your screen turns grey.

When the ability is activated, you cannot interact with certain objects or open doors. You can, however, take zip lines.

Things to know:

  • Before the ability activates, an animation of about 1.5 seconds is triggered. You should therefore be careful with your health if you use it as an escape route, as it will not be operational immediately.
  • Upon entering and exiting the void, Wraith cannot perform any actions and is slowed by 20%.

Liabilities : Voice of the Void

Wraith passive capability

Voice of the Void allows Wraith to hear a spectral voice that warns him in case of danger. This voice sounds in several situations:

  • You are the target of an enemy
  • You are the target of a sniper
  • Traps can be found in the vicinity
  • There are many enemies nearby
  • Many players died nearby

When you get this information, you are free to share it with your teammates, but it is better to do so.

Things to know:

  • As the voice volume is not that loud, we advise you to activate your subtitles if you want to be sure to understand the information being transmitted.
  • Combined with his ultimate, Voice of the Void makes it easy to avoid ambushes.

Ultimate : Dimensional fault

Wraith ultimate capability

Thanks to Dimensional faultThe Wraith creates two portals that allow it to travel from point A to point B and move five times faster than normal.

When the ability is activated, the first portal appears where Wraith is. For the second, move to another location and place it wherever you want. Once placed, the portals can be used in both directions by anyone, allies or enemies, for 60 seconds.

The maximum distance between the two portals is 75 metres. When you activate the ultimate, a banner appears at the top of your screen with the words "Rift Energy" and a percentage that starts at 100%. When it reaches 0%, you have reached the maximum distance and the second portal will be automatically set. If you use less than 4.72% of Rift Energy, the portal placement will be cancelled and you will find your ultimate charged at 100%. 

When Wraith runs to place the other end of the portal, she cannot use weapons, items, or open chests or doors. She can, however, use her abilities and gets a speed boost of 25%.

Players who use the portal are invulnerable and leave a blue trail behind them, as does Wraith when she uses her In the Void ability.

Things to know:

  • Several players can take the portal at the same time.
  • Portals can be used to escape, to enter combat, to reposition yourself or to help fallen allies get to safety while they are revived.
  • The second gate is placed in the direction you are facing when you place it.