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Wattson, the Apex Legends Engineer

Wattson Apex Legends

Wattson is a Legend with skills dedicated to defence. To play it optimally, you will have to learn how to securing areas using your active competence to be able to hold positions effectively. It will take you a few hours in the training mode, but once you have mastered it, you will be a formidable asset to your allies.

Wattson is a team player, so don't try to go your own way if you're considering playing her. The barriers she sets will give you valuable information about the position of your enemiesand its ultimate will prove to be very effective for you protect and restore you if you find yourself in a difficult position during a fight.

Active : Security perimeter

Active capacity Wattson

With Security perimeterIn this case, Wattson places pylons on the ground which, when connected to each other, create electrical barriers. These barriers inflict 20 points of damage on opponents who cross them and slow them down for 3 seconds. In addition, the barrier that has been crossed is displayed on the mini-map and thus gives an indication of the opponents' positions.

If an enemy stays within the barriers, they will take repeated damage. However, if it is Wattson or an ally that gets through, they deactivate and you will not take any damage.

Wattson can deploy up to 12 barriers on the battlefield. If she tries to place one more, the first one that was placed disappears. She can also place up to 4 at a time. She then suffers a 15 second cooldown.

This cooldown is indicated by a circle in the centre of the screen. This circle is divided into 4 parts, each of which represents the 15 seconds of waiting time between each barrier placement. When one of these parts is blue, it means that you can place a barrier again. Around this circle you will also find 12 squares. Each square represents a barrier and turns blue when you place one, so you always know how many you have placed. When all the squares are blue, you can no longer place a barrier. However, you can pick them up to cancel the reload time and put them back down immediately.

To find out the maximum distance you can place one barrier after another, you can look at its base. There is a white circle at the base of the barrier which has a gauge that empties as you move further away. When the gauge is empty, you have reached the maximum distance. This distance is also represented by a white line.

Finally, be aware that each tower has 25 health points and can therefore be destroyed by enemies.

Things to know:

  • The barriers should not be used as traps and are mainly there to protect you and give you clues about enemy positions.
  • These barriers will only be fully effective if your squad stays close to them so that you can punish the enemies that get through. Without this, they are practically useless.
  • You can place barriers at the entrance of buildings to block certain accesses.

Liabilities : Flash of genius

Wattson passive capacity

Thanks to Flash of geniusWattson can fully recharge her ultimate ability if she uses an ultimate accelerant, instead of the usual 35%. In addition, she can carry two Ultimate Accelerants per inventory slot. As you can see, it is essential to give them to your team's Wattson if you find any.

In addition, if she doesn't take any damage for 6 seconds, her shield automatically recharges, but rather slowly.

Things to know:

  • Always carry ultimate accelerants with you, especially at the end of the game, so that you are ready for the final battles.
  • This passive can save shield batteries or phoenix kits. However, due to its slow reload, do not rely on it exclusively if your shield has no or almost no hit points left.

Ultimate : Interceptor tower

Ultimate capacity Wattson

Wattson places a interceptor tower which has several uses. Firstly, it allows you to recharge your perimeter security capacity much faster. In short, instead of waiting 15 seconds before you can put a barrier back down, you only have to wait 3 seconds.

Then the ultimate boosts your passive and your shield will regenerate much faster. But it also allows other players to recharge their shields, both allies and enemies.

Finally, it blocks all grenades and ultimates that your enemies use on you, and this within a radius of 20 meters around you. However, it should be noted that it will also block your team's ultimates and grenades if you are in its range.

If you place a new interceptor pylon, the previous one will be destroyed if it is still active. It can also be destroyed by being shot at, as it has 150 hit points.

Things to know:

  • Remember to hide your pylon so that it is not easily destroyed by enemies.
  • Don't hesitate to use your ultimate as soon as you feel in danger or enter a fight, as it can easily be recharged if you have several ultimate accelerants.