Apex Legends

Valkyrie, the Winged Avenger of Apex Legends

Valkyrie Apex Legends

Valkyrie is a Legend specialising in flight and in recognition. Like Legends such as Bloodhound, Pathfinder or Crypto, it is able to recover valuable information on the opponents' positions. It is therefore not intended to evolve solo, and its skill set is not designed for that.

Her abilities are neither very offensive nor very defensive, although she is capable of creating some ambushes. However, she is very mobile and can easily get a sense of perspective thanks to its liabilities or its ultimate. Thus, she can allow her team to travel long distances on the map and quite quickly.

It is a Legend that will nevertheless require a lot of training if you want to master its jetpack to perfection and thus be useful to your teammates.

Active : Missile Salvo

Active Valkyrie capability

As the name suggests, Missile Salvo allows Valkyrie to fire 12 missiles at the ground, over a 4×3 area. Individually, each missile inflicts 25 points of damage. However, if an enemy is hit, they will take 25 points of damage on the first missile, and only 3 points for the following ones. 

Opponents in the impact zone will be stunned for a few seconds and will not be able to move during this time. This can easily give you an advantage in a fight or allow you to get out of a tight spot.

You cannot shoot at your feet, the minimum distance between you and the missiles is 12 metres, while the maximum distance is 100 metres. This is also the case when you are in the air.

Things to know:

  • Use Missile Salvo at the same time as you use your jetpack for maximum effectiveness.
  • The stun time is long enough to make good ambushes.

Liabilities : Jetpack

Valkyrie passive ability

Valkyrie has two liabilities of sorts. Firstly, like Pathfinder, Valkyrie can use topographical beacons to find out where the next zone circle is. She also has a radar that lets her know how many teams are around her when she lands in an area at the start of the game, and how far away they are. This radar is active in a 250 meter zone around her.

His second liability is a jetpack which allows him to fly in the air. If you hold down the key associated with this passive, you can fly for up to 7 seconds.

By holding down your key, you gain height. If you want to stop the height gain and go straight ahead, simply hold down the forward key and right-click your mouse.

Things to know:

  • The jetpack makes noise when it takes off, so you can easily be spotted by enemies in the vicinity.
  • When Valkyrie is in flight, she cannot use any weapons except for the missiles in her asset.

Ultimate : Skydive

Valkyrie Ultimate Ability

Thanks to SkydiveThe Valkyrie hooks her teammates to her and takes off into the air. This requires a 2 second preparation animation. Once this is over, you can take off and go to a height of about 180 metres. When you reach this height, you do a parachute jump as in the beginning of the game before landing on the map.

Celestial Leap can easily be cancelled if an enemy shoots at you or if you press the key associated with your ultimate again. In this case, it will recharge at 75%. 

Things to know:

  • Combined with the passive, Celestial Leap is a very effective ability for scouting, as Valkyrie can spot enemies within 250 metres when she is in the ascent phase and then in the descent face.
  • This ability is ideal for covering large distances quickly, especially when the zone ring is right behind you and you are in danger of going out of zone.