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Apex Legends Season 12 Weapons Tier List

If you had fun counting the number of weapons available in the Battle Royale, you may have realised that there are 28 of them. But how do you know which of them are the most optimal to win a game? The following tier list was created by analysing several other tier lists. It ranks the weapons without distinction of type or ammunition.

Tier list of weapons season 12 Apex Legends
Tier list of weapons - Season 12 - Apex Legends

S-rank weapons

Kraber Apex Legends Weapon
Spitfire Apex Legends weapon
Volt Apex Legends Weapon
R-301 Apex Legends Weapon

Kraber The Kraber is one of the best weapons in the game, allowing you to kill any Legend in one shot, no matter how far away you are from your target. If you shoot your opponent in the body, you deal 145 damage and 435 if you shoot them in the head. However, it has a very long reload time and is a weapon that is only available in supplies, so it is very difficult to find.

Spitfire This is a weapon that dominated the Season 8 meta and is still very strong in Season 12. With its high damage and low recoil, it allows you to kill your opponents very quickly and dominate the game. It is however difficult to find.

Volt This is one of the best medium and long range automatic weapons in the game and the perfect weapon for beginners. It is very versatile and has a very low recoil pattern that is very easy to master. It is not difficult to pick up and will be very useful if you manage to get your hands on it, due to its high DPS and quick reload.

R-301 The R-301 is a dominant weapon in short and medium range combat. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fighter, you will always be happy to come across this weapon. It is easy to use and has a high damage output, so don't hesitate to use it.

A-rank weapons

VK-47 Apex Legends Weapon
G7 Apex Legends Weapon
G7 Scout
Peacekeeper Apex Legends Weapon
Apex Legends Prowler Weapon
Weapon CAR SMG Apex Legends
L-Star Apex Legends weapon
R-99 Apex Legends Weapon
Ame Wingman Apex Legends
EVA-8 Apex Legends Weapon

VK-47 Flatline : Although it is classified as an A-rank weapon, the VK-47 is still an excellent choice. Its damage has been reduced slightly, but it is still an impressive weapon with its speed of fire. However, it does have a fairly high recoil when fired and it will be important to learn how to control this if you wish to master it perfectly.

G7 Scout If you plan to play with the G7 Scout, you'll need a scope. It's a very effective weapon at medium to long range, and will inflict a lot of damage thanks to the Double Tap Trigger hop-up, a burst fire mode that allows you to fire two shots per trigger pull.

Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper is a relatively powerful weapon that works like a shotgun. If you equip it with a Precision Choke and load it up, you will get increased shooting accuracy, making you formidable. If you are playing Gibraltar, we recommend that you pick up a Peacekeeper as it will prove effective in holding your position behind your protective dome.

Prowler Prowler: The Prowler is a relatively high DPS burst weapon that will be most effective at short to medium range. Its recoil is still easy to control, which makes it a good weapon even for beginners. However, you will get a speed penalty if you shoot downwards.

CAR SMG This weapon, introduced in Season 11, has the shortest Time to Kill (TTK) of any weapon in the game. When equipped, you can use either heavy or light ammunition, although heavy ammunition remains its primary ammunition. The downside of the CAR SMG is that its recoil becomes much more difficult to control on the last few shots fired and it will be necessary to learn to play with it in order to master the weapon.

L-Star L-Star: The L-Star is a somewhat unusual weapon, as it has no magazine and uses ammunition directly from your backpack, similar to the Bocek. It does high damage to enemies and its projectiles can open doors if you shoot the handle. However, it is a weapon that can overheat after a certain number of shots if you don't take a break. Also, energy ammunition is more scarce than other weapons, so you may have trouble finding it.

R-99 The R-99 machine gun is the highest rate of fire weapon in the game, so you will need to be very accurate if you equip it as you will be using 20 bullets in one shot. Also be careful not to aim downwards, as you will be hit with a speed penalty. To compensate for its speed of fire, the R-99 does the least damage in the game. Nevertheless, if you aim correctly you can quickly take down an enemy, making it a powerful weapon.

Wingman : The Wingman is one of the most powerful guns in the game. It has a relatively high damage output, but will require high accuracy to be fully effective. Its recoil is high and its projectiles are quite slow. So if you want to play it, expect to spend many hours on the training ground.

EVA-8 : The EVA-8 is one of the best shotguns in the game today and is very popular among professional players. The weapon is fully automatic and offers a lot of DPS. It has a very high rate of fire, but will suffer a small speed penalty if you aim downwards. Very common, it will be easy to find and will make an excellent early game weapon.

B-rank weapons

Apex Legends Charging Gun
Loaded rifle
Alternator Weapon Apex Legends
Hemlok Apex Legends Weapon
Apex Legends Longbow Weapon
Rampage Apex Legends Weapon
Apex Legends triple rifle
Triple rifle
Apex Legends Mastiff Weapon

Loaded rifle : The charge rifle is the only sweeping weapon in the game. This means that each of your shots will instantly go where the weapon is pointed. It therefore has an infinite range and an accuracy of 100%, even during a fall or if you use a zip line. However, it also has a few drawbacks that make it a B-rank only weapon. Its cooldown time is relatively long and it is impacted by a decrease in damage over distance. In addition, although it uses sniper ammunition, it fires a beam of light that is likely to reveal your position to opponents.

Alternator : The Alternator is a weapon that is very similar to the R-99, although it is less powerful. Indeed, its rate of fire is much lower, so it fires fewer bullets and has a lower DPS. However, it is still a good weapon, with an easy to control recoil. It can therefore be effective, even in the hands of a beginner.

Hemlok Burst AR The Hemlok is not a bad weapon, but if you have to choose, we recommend an R-301 or a VK-47, as they are easily outclassed by automatic weapons. Its magazine has a small capacity and you will have to reload relatively often. Nevertheless, it remains a good medium to long range weapon that does good burst damage.

Longbow DMR : The Longbow is a sniper rifle whose projectiles can pierce several enemies. It is the sniper rifle with the highest ammunition capacity, but also the best rate of fire. However, its B-rank is justified by a lower accuracy and a much slower bullet speed than other sniper rifles. In addition, its high recoil will require some training to get the hang of it properly.

Rampage LMG : The Rampage is a good weapon at long range due to its low recoil, but becomes much less effective when used at close range. Since the nerf suffered at the beginning of season 12, its DPS is less important than before and its relatively slow rate of fire makes it a weapon that is not that powerful after all.

Triple rifle : In the right hands, the triple rifle proves to be a good weapon. It does powerful damage and fires 3 projectiles horizontally, increasing your chances of hitting your targets. However, its rate of fire is the slowest of all the weapons in its class and its damage nerf in Season 12 has put a damper on it.

Mastiff The Mastiff: While the Mastiff has long been one of the most effective short-range weapons in the game, this is no longer the case as the damage it inflicts has been lowered. Its rate of fire is relatively slow, however, it reloads fairly quickly and will be the ideal weapon if you like to shoot at close range. With a horizontal firing pattern, it will probably take some practice before you can fully master it.

C-rank weapons

Havoc Apex Legends Weapon
RE-95 Apex Legends Weapon
Apex Legends Season 12 Weapons Tier List - apex weapon 30 30 -
Bocek Apex Legends Weapon
Weapon Devotion Apex Legends
Sentinel Weapon Apex Legends

Havoc : If you plan to play a short-range energy weapon, choose the Volt over the Havoc. The latter takes a very long time to recharge and has a delay between the moment you press the fire button and the moment the shot goes off. Its recoil pattern is very large and complex to control, which affects its effectiveness. In addition, its extremely high rate of fire can also make it difficult to use.

RE-45 Auto : The RE-45 is a small automatic pistol that is very useful at the beginning of the game if you can't quickly get your hands on an R-99, Alternator or R-301. It has a high rate of fire and a fairly easy to control recoil. However, its damage is low and it will quickly become useless once you manage to find a better weapon.

30-30 The 30-30 is not a bad weapon, but the G7 Scout will prove to be better. Its reload speed is very slow and its magazine is very small if you don't equip it with an extended heavy magazine. At short range it is easily outgunned by shotguns and machine guns, while at long range the slow movement speed of its bullets makes enemies harder to hit. Still, its acceptable rate of fire and low recoil make it a potable weapon if you can't find anything else.

Bocek : The Bocek is the only bow in the game and therefore the only weapon that uses arrows. It requires great accuracy but rewards you with great damage. It is very quiet and, unlike firearms, you can recover any arrows you use that miss their target. In the hands of an experienced player, it can be formidable, but otherwise it is not the weapon of choice.

Devotion : The Devotion is the fastest firing weapon in the game if you can get it up to speed. However, you will need to find a turbocharger quickly to get it to its full potential. Its damage is also very high when it reaches its maximum speed. Nevertheless, it is heavily penalised by a high recoil, a very slow reload speed and a very slow fire acceleration speed.

Sentinel : The Sentinel does good damage and has a fast projectile velocity, but on an equivalent basis it would be more interesting for you to play with a Charge Rifle or Longbow. The Sentinel has a high recoil and a low rate of fire, so it is not the most optimal weapon if you want to stand out in a game.

D-rank weapons

Mozambique Apex Legends Weapon
P2020 Apex Legends Weapon

Mozambique : Mozambique is ranked D for a reason, unfortunately. Of course, if you have nothing else to hand, it is always better to have it than nothing at all. Nevertheless, it is useless if you do not shoot at close range. Its high rate of fire is not enough to compensate for the fact that it has the slowest projectile speed in the game and a low DPS. Thus, you are advised to quickly find a better weapon.

P2020 : The P2020 is probably the most useless weapon in the game. Sure, it's still a gun and it can kill people, but let's face it. Its projectiles are slow, it does little damage and nobody wants to play it. You'll still be happy to pick it up if you're in a low loot area, but that's about it, you won't enjoy playing with it.

Now you have all the information you need to choose the weapons you want to play with. So get out there and have fun!