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Tier list of Apex Legends weapons by ammunition

After presenting our tier lists of the best weapons in Season 12 and the best weapons by type, we now present our tier list of weapons by ammo used. Is it better to play with an R-99 or a RE-45 Auto in terms of light ammunition? Is the Mastiff more formidable than the Peacekeeper in weapons using shotgun ammunition? We tell you more in this article.

Heavy ammunition

Tier list Apex heavy ammunition weapons

VK-47 Flatline The VK-47 is currently the best heavy ammunition weapon of this season 12. Although it has received a slight damage nerf, the damage is still very high and can surprise. It also has a very good rate of fire, and you will enjoy playing it. However, it has a fairly strong recoil and will need some time on the training ground to master it best.

Prowler The Prowler, although a little less effective than the VK-47, is still a very good weapon, especially at short to medium distances. If you are a beginner player, it will be perfect for you, as its DPS is quite high and its shooting recoil is easy to handle.

CAR SMG : The CAR SMG is played with heavy ammunition, hence its place in this ranking, but can also be used with light ammunition. It has the fastest Time to Kill (TTK) of all the weapons in the game, so its DPS is relatively high. However, the more you shoot, the more recoil it has and the harder it is to control. It may therefore take some practice to master it.

Wingman Wingman: If the Wingman is the most powerful gun in the game, it is also a very good heavy ammunition weapon. Its damage is high, but it requires great precision to be as effective as possible. However, its recoil is high and the speed of the bullets is still quite slow, so you will have a little more trouble hitting your enemies than with other weapons. It can therefore be complex to pick up and beginners will probably find it more difficult to play with.

Hemlok Burst AR The Hemlok is far from being a bad weapon, but it is clearly not the most effective of those that use heavy ammunition. The VK-47, or any of the others mentioned above, is a better choice. However, its damage is very decent and it is a good option for medium to long range shots if you don't have another weapon at hand. Be aware, however, that you will have to reload quite often as its magazine is very limited.

Rampage LMG : Like the Hemlok, the Rampage LMG is far from being a dominant weapon in the game. If you play it, focus on long range shots as you will find that at short range it is not very effective. Its damage is not bad, but its DPS was nerfed a while ago and its rate of fire is still quite low.

30-30 : Unsurprisingly, it is the 30-30 that comes at the end of this ranking of weapons using heavy ammunition. Indeed, over a short distance it tends to be quickly overtaken by the other weapons in its category. On the other hand, over a long distance it has more difficulty in hitting its targets because of the speed of its bullets which is rather slow. Like the Hemlok, its magazine is small and you will either have to reload regularly or get a heavy extended magazine. However, due to its good rate of fire and low recoil, you will always be happy to have a 30-30 on hand if you can't find anything else.

Light ammunition

Tier list weapons light ammunition Apex

R-301 : As always, the R-301 tops the list. It is one of the best weapons in the game, considered the best assault rifle but also the best weapon using light ammunition. Its high damage output makes it ultra-dominant over short to medium ranges and, if you equip it, you'll have no trouble beating your opponents. Whether you're a rookie or an experienced player, you'll always be happy to get your hands on it.

R-99 The R-99 is an excellent weapon, but it is complex to master in some ways. It has the highest rate of fire in the game, which is both a strength and a weakness. Its high rate of fire requires almost perfect precision, which is not given to everyone and can only be acquired with a lot of practice. In a single shot this machine gun uses 20 bullets. You can therefore quickly empty your magazine into nothing if you are not precise. On top of that, it is also the lowest damage weapon in the game. Nevertheless, once mastered, the R-99 proves to be very powerful.

Alternator : The Alternator is very similar to the R-99, but with less power. First of all, its rate of fire is lower and its DPS is lower. However, it requires less accuracy and will be much easier to learn if you are a beginner. In addition, its low recoil makes it a rather pleasant weapon to play.

RE-45 Auto : The RE-45 is clearly not the light ammunition weapon of choice in your game. It is a small gun that will be very useful at the beginning of the game, especially if you can't find anything better. It has a good rate of fire and a low recoil, but its damage is far from that of other weapons in this category. We therefore advise you to quickly find another weapon, as you won't get very far with only a RE-45.

P2020 : It's the ultimate early game weapon but it's not really going to be useful. Yes it shoots bullets but that's about it. This gun is very weak and unless you really have nothing else at hand, don't play it.

Shotgun shells

Tier list Apex shotgun shells

Peacekeeper : The Peacekeeper is the most powerful shotgun in Season 12 and by extension the most powerful weapon using shotgun shells. Its accuracy is not very high, however, and you'll need to get your hands on a Precision Choke to use it to its full potential. Its damage is high, but its recoil is high and its rate of fire is slow. It is therefore a very good weapon, but it is recommended for players who already have a minimum of experience.

EVA-8 : The EVA-8 is a very good shotgun, just like the Peacekeeper, although it is a little weaker. It has a good rate of fire and a high DPS. However, a rate of fire penalty may be applied if you aim downwards, so be careful.

Mastiff : Unlike many weapons, the Mastiff has a horizontal firing pattern that can quickly surprise unaccustomed players. This can make it a little more complex to pick up, but with a little practice it will sort itself out. It is a good weapon at short distances and especially at close range. However, its rate of fire is slow and the nerf suffered at the beginning of Season 12 has reduced its damage, making it less powerful than its counterparts.

Mozambique : The Mozambique is the least powerful weapon in this category. It is the P2020 of shotgun ammunition. By this I mean that it is weak and of unproven effectiveness. Its projectile velocity is the slowest in the game and unless you're shooting at close range, you're not likely to do much damage or even hit anyone. So we advise you to refrain from playing it, unless you have nothing else at your disposal.

Energy ammunition

Tier list weapons Apex energy ammunition

L-Star : The L-Star is the most formidable of the energy weapons. Its damage is high, but it can overheat very quickly if you shoot for a long time without a break. So remember to always carry a good secondary weapon to use in case the L-Star fails you in battle. You should also be aware that the L-Star has no magazine and uses ammunition directly from your backpack. But don't worry, this has no impact on the game and doesn't make it any less effective.

Triple rifle : The Triple Rifle has a very slow rate of fire which does not make it a top energy weapon like the L-Star could be. Nevertheless, don't doubt its damage. Although it was reduced a bit at the beginning of season 12, it is still significant. This long-range rifle fires three projectiles at the same time and, if you fire correctly, you'll have a better chance of hitting your opponents.

Havoc : Of all the energy weapons, the Havoc is far from being the one that shines the brightest. It has an extremely long reload time, which is not very practical when you are in combat. If you don't want to wait too long between the moment you pull the trigger and the moment the shot goes off, you'll have to get a turbo charger. Finally, it remains quite complex to use because of its high rate of fire and its strong recoil. We therefore advise you to use another weapon if you wish to play energy weapons.

Devotion : Like the Havoc, the Devotion is not the most optimal energy weapon. It may have the fastest rate of fire in the game, but you still have to get it up to full speed. To do this, you'll need to find and equip a turbocharger. Be aware, however, that even with this upgrade, its rate of fire acceleration is slow, so watch out when you're in combat. As if that wasn't enough, the Devotion has a high recoil and a very slow reload time, so it is complex to use and we feel it is far from the best weapon to win a game.

Precision ammunition

Tier list Apex precision ammunition

Loaded rifle : The charge rifle is a very good sniper rifle. As the only sweeping weapon in the game, its range is infinite and it has an accuracy of 100%. However, to counterbalance this, its reload time is very long. In addition, the greater the range, the less damage you can do. Finally, this weapon can easily be spotted as it shoots a bright beam of light across the map.

Longbow DMR : The Longbow is less powerful than the Charge Rifle but can still pierce several enemies with a single bullet, making it formidable. Of all the weapons that use precision ammunition, it has the largest magazine and the best rate of fire. Beware, however, of its slow bullet speed and high recoil when fired. This can quickly make it difficult to control.

Sentinel : This sniper rifle is less interesting to play than the others, which is why it is at the bottom of the ranking. It won't offer you much opportunity to dominate a game, due to its low rate of fire and high recoil. Nevertheless, it does good damage and is far from being a bad weapon.

Supply ammunition

Tier list weapons Apex supply ammunition

Weapons in this category can only be found in the supply drop and therefore have the distinction of having their own ammunition. This ammunition is already in the magazine when you find the weapon, so it does not take up any space in your inventory, cannot be dropped on the ground and cannot be replenished. To put it simply, if you run out of ammunition you will have to throw the weapon away and find a new one, so be careful what you use it for.

Kraber : Among these supply weapons are the strongest weapons in the game, including the Kraber. The Kraber uses precision airdrop ammunition. The Kraber is the dominant weapon in Season 12, allowing you to kill any enemy with a single bullet, regardless of their equipment or where you shoot. A body shot does 145 points of damage and 435 if you shoot in the head. Its only drawback is the reload time, which is still quite long. Only available in the supply loot, you'll need a bit of luck to get your hands on it.

Volt : The Volt is also one of the most powerful weapons in Season 12 and is played with energy drop ammunition. When you equip it, you don't have to worry about the distance at which you shoot because it excels at short, medium and long range. All you need is a minimum of accuracy. It's a perfect gun for beginners as it's easy to pick up and the recoil is simple to control. It also has the highest DPS in the game and the fastest reload of any weapon in its class. Its only drawback is that it is difficult to find, as like the Kraber, it is only available in the supply loot.

Spitfire : Also at the top of the rankings, the Spitfire uses heavy supply drop rounds. It does a lot of damage and is highly accurate at medium and long ranges. Thanks to its low recoil, it is easy to control but is penalised by a rather slow reload time and a slightly lower rate of fire than its counterparts. Like the others, it is only available in the supply loot.

G7 Scout : Although a little less powerful than its peers, the G7 Scout is still a formidable weapon that uses light airdrop ammunition. In order to play it to its full potential, we advise you to equip it with a scope and a Double Tap Trigger. The latter will allow it to fire two bullets each time the trigger is pulled, thus considerably increasing its damage. At the risk of repeating ourselves, this is a weapon that can only be found in the supply loot and you'll need a bit of luck to play with it.

The arrows

Bocek Apex Legends Weapon

Only one weapon is played with arrows and that is the Bocek. It can be placed at the top of its category, although it is not that powerful. It requires great precision to do significant damage, without which it is quite useless. It is therefore important to put it in experienced hands to exploit its full potential.

You now have all the information you need to choose the weapon that suits you best. Of course, this ranking has been made following the analysis of several tier lists and can sometimes differ from the others.