Apex Legends

Seer, the Ambush Expert from Apex Legends

Seer Apex Legends

Seer is a Legend specialising in location of opponentsLike Crypto or Bloodhound. Its skill set is not designed to do damage, as only its active can possibly hurt enemies.

He therefore excels in information gathering and can be a very good asset in a team, especially if it plays offensively. Indeed, his abilities can easily allow create ambushes to decimate opposing teams.

Also be aware that Seer is mainly designed to be played over short and medium distances, although it can spot enemies over a very long distance. Nevertheless, it is a Legend that is not easy to play and a few hours on the training ground will be necessary to get the hang of it properly.

Active : Focus of attention

Active capacity Seer

With Focus of attentionSeer creates a cylindrical area in front of him that will hit all the enemies inside. He then summons micro-drones which, after 1.4 seconds, cause an explosion capable of penetrating walls. It also inflicts 10 points of damage to the enemies it touches.

The explosion interrupts certain actions, such as reanimating an ally or using healing items. It also applies a 1.25 second silence, preventing other Legends from using their abilities and cancelling those already in progress. In addition, this ability reveals enemies and their life bars for 8 seconds and a maximum distance of 75 metres.

By holding down your skill key, your movement is slowed by 15% and you activate your passive. This then lets you know if you have an enemy in your line of fire and if your ability will hit.

Things to know:

  • As the explosion does not go off immediately, your enemies may have time to run away and get out of the action area of the ability.
  • You can use Attention Center to finish off opponents with very few health points or to deter them from attacking you.

Liabilities : Heart catcher

Passive capacity Seer

Heart catcher allows Seer to perceive and visualise the pulse of enemies within 75 metres of him, even through walls. To do this, you must use your sight. A circle appears around the reticle of your weapon to show you the direction of your opponents.

This circle is normally blue, but turns orange when your sight passes over an enemy player. If your circle is blue but an enemy is nearby, a small orange indicator appears on the circle to show you in which direction they are.

These indications can also be obtained if you do not have a weapon equipped. To do this, simply press and hold your active skill button. However, this slows you down if you are sprinting.

In addition to this visual indication, you also have an audible indication, so you can hear the hearts of your enemies beating. If they have all their life points, their heart beats every 1.75 seconds. But the lower their life is, the faster their pulse.

If you are more than 75 metres from your opponents, you will still get a visual indication of their position. The circle remains blue, but blue arrows indicate the positions of detected players and follow them if they are moving.

Things to know:

  • Use Heart Catcher to quickly scan an area and before doing actions that will make you vulnerable (using a phoenix kit, healing yourself...)

Ultimate : Exhibition

Ultimate capacity Seer

By activating ExhibitionSeer creates a sphere similar to the one in his active ability. The sphere then deploys a micro-drone that reveals the location of enemies in the sphere. The drone detects players who are moving quickly or shooting. However, it does not detect those who are moving while crouching or in the air.

The sphere has a diameter of 65 metres and the drone inside has a life span of 30 seconds. It also has 125 hit points and can be destroyed.

When the drone has detected enemies, all team members are notified by a message at the bottom of the screen indicating how many players have been spotted.

Things to know:

  • Place your ultimate in a place where enemies cannot easily come and destroy the detection drone.
  • Be on your guard, because even though this ability is very strong, it does not detect all opponents and you can quickly be taken by surprise.