Apex Legends

Revenant, the Nightmare of Apex Legends

New Revenant - Apex Legends

Revenant is a particularly effective offensive Legend for track down and attack opposing squads. It can easily evolve on its own or as part of a team, as it has a relatively comprehensive skillset.

His mobility makes him formidable and his liabilities allow him toreach unattainable positions by the other Legends. He can therefore easily save himself from tricky situations or take opponents by surprise.

What's more, thanks to its ultimate, you can easily take on several enemies at the same time, eliminating them one after the other.

Tactic: Ghost attack

icone skill ghost attack - revenant - apex legends

Revenant's tactical skills give him enormous freedom of movement. By activating Ghost attack, you can leaping violently forward. You can jump directly at a specific target, leap behind it or throw yourself against a wall to reposition yourself. Note that if you jump onto a wall, you won't slide down: you'll attach yourself to it and can start climbing straight away. What's more, if you charge this spell, you'll be able to make an even bigger leap.

We recommend that you do not use it indiscriminately. Even if Ghost attack is available every 10 secondsIt's best to save it for times when you need it most. For example, to flee quickly if the situation is too critical or to rush at a weakened opponent to finish him off.

Things to know:

  • This skill recharges automatically if you knock down an opponent when you use Revenant's ultimate.

Passive: Killer instinct

icone skill instinct assassin - revenant - apex legends

The liabilities of Revenant are entitled Instinct Assassin. This skill is similar to the old Tracker, but has a very interesting twist. The skill still allows you to move faster when crouching. Your speed is then equivalent to your walking speed when Revenant is standing. This makes him very mobile and harder to target.

What's more, Revenant can still climb walls six times higher than a normal Legendand climb small 25% walls more quickly. Note that the update gives it greater flexibility of movement when climbing, as it can now move horizontally.

In addition to the previous bonuses, you have a vision aid. When a nearby enemy has less than 40PV, he is marked with orange arrows that reveal his position. These allow you to follow them for a few seconds through any obstacles in your line of sight. However, it's worth noting that it's not a wallhackThis means that the aid is not active when the enemy passes behind several layers.

We invite you to use Ghost Attack to finish off a marked enemy. Since you know he doesn't have many hit points left, it's most likely a free elimination.

Things to know:

  • Crouching can increase your accuracy, making you more formidable and harder to target.
  • If you wound an enemy with less than 40PV or cause them to fall below this limit, your allies will also be able to benefit from marking the target.

Ultimate: False ghosts

icone skill false ghosts - revenant - apex legends

Thanks to False Ghosts, Revenant obtains temporary protection. By activating this ability, he surrounds himself with a shield of ghosts that protects it from direct damage. This includes hits from melee weapons, explosives and bullets themselves. However, area attacks or gas will still affect you.

In reality, you get a shield equivalent to an additional 75PV. If it's destroyed, it recharges slowly - around ten seconds in total - and you regain 75 HP. Note that the total duration of the ultimate is limited to 25 seconds, so you won't be able to obtain protection more than twice.

Beware of the recharge period, as you are particularly vulnerable. You no longer have any protection, and if an enemy touches you during this phase, you'll be at risk, recharge pauses for a few seconds. We therefore recommend that you take cover if the enemies facing you still have a lot of hit points.

However, if you know that one or other of them is heavily injured, thanks to your passive in particular, go for it! If you drop an opponent during the cooldown, the shield reappears instantly and completely.

What's more, the ultimate timer restartsThis means you've got another 25 seconds to wreak havoc. What's more, you get a new use of your tactic for each person you take down.

That said, we strongly advise you to go all out if a close opponent is low, when your ultimate is about to end.

Things to know:

  • False ghosts increases the size of the upper body hitbox when activated