Apex Legends

Revenant, the Nightmare of Apex Legends

Revenant Apex Legends

Revenant is a particularly effective offensive Legend for create ambushes and attacksr opposing squads. It can easily evolve on its own, as it has a relatively complete skill set.

His mobility makes him formidable and his liabilities allow him toreach unattainable positions by the other Legends. He can therefore easily save himself from tricky situations or take opponents by surprise. Moreover, thanks to its ultimate, engaging in combat becomes immediately easier. Indeed, if you place his totem correctly, you will no longer be afraid to attack your enemies because death will not strike you immediately if your health points drop to 0.

However, you'll have to play it smart because you can quickly be punished if you think you're invincible.

Active : Silence

Active capacity Revenant

By activating SilenceThe Revenant throws a device at its enemies that explodes when it comes into contact with something. It then releases a cloud of smoke that lasts for 10 seconds. On impact, the device inflicts 10 points of damage to nearby enemies. You can throw it quite far, but its range is very small so you need to be very precise to hit your opponents. 

In addition to dealing damage, the device disables enemies' abilities. However, an ability cast before you use Silence will not be affected.

Things to know:

  • You can use Silence to block a passageway for a few seconds or to protect yourself when you revive an ally.
  • Silence can be combined with a fragmentation grenade to create a devastating surprise effect.

Liabilities : Hunter

Passive ability Revenant

The liabilities of Revenant, HunterIn the case of a crouching person, the speed of movement is increased when the person is crouching. This is then equivalent to its walking speed when standing. This makes it very mobile and more difficult to target.

Revenant can also climb walls six times higher than a normal Legend, and climb small 25% walls faster.

Things to know:

  • Crouching can increase your accuracy, making you more formidable and harder to target.

Ultimate : Totem of frag

Ultimate Revenant Ability

Revenant poses a totem on the ground that emits a visual effect, making it visible to enemies. Once it is placed, each member of your team can use it once to become a shadow. This shadow then gives you the ability to be teleported to the totem pole if an enemy takes all your health points. 

When you are in shadow form, your opponents' bullets will ignore your shield and hit your health points. Once these are down to 0, you will return to the totem pole with 1 hit point and your shield intact. 

The totem pole remains active for 30 seconds. Once this time has elapsed, you will no longer be able to benefit from its effects. This is also the case if you leave its area of action, which has a radius of about 65 metres. This area is marked by a white line on the ground, so always keep an eye on it.

The totem can also be destroyed by inflicting 100 points of damage.

Be aware that your enemies will also be able to use the totem once and that they will have the same bonuses as you.

Things to know:

  • The totem pole can easily be destroyed, so it is important to place it where it will be difficult to find.
  • Unlike other placeable ultimates, the area of appearance of the totem pole cannot be previewed before you place it.
  • Don't hesitate to be aggressive when you are in shadow form as you get a sort of second chance when you die.