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Rampart, the Tinkerer from Apex Legends

Rampart Apex Legends

Rampart is a very effective in defenceIt will also be able to stand out on the attack. Indeed, its barriers will prove very effective for you cover in case of enemy attackBut only if you use them well, otherwise they will be of no use to you. Her passive and her ultimate make her a perfect character for attacking and for inflict heavy damage to opponents.

Because of her skill set, Rampart can be very useful to her allies and is therefore not meant to evolve alone. Thanks to her ultimate, she can provide valuable information to her teammates, but will also always need one of them to cover her back when she uses it.

Active : Force field

Active capacity Rampart

By activating Force fieldRampart can set up barriers to protect herself from enemy fire. She can have up to five active barriers in front of her, but can only set up three at a time. For the next two, a cooldown of about 20 seconds applies. If Rampart gets one of her barriers back, the cooldown is cancelled and she can put it back where she wants without waiting.

These barriers have life points and can therefore be destroyed. The upper part has about 180 health points and the lower part about 400. However, it is quicker to shoot directly at the lower part, as this will take out the whole barrier. It can also be destroyed with two punches, which is a good way to save bullets if you find yourself facing a Rampart.

Once the barrier is set up, it takes between 4 and 5 seconds to become fully operational. If an enemy fires into it before it is fully operational, it will only take one bullet to destroy it. 

When you are positioned behind a barrier, you can shoot through it. This increases your damage by 20%. However, Rampart barriers have a red and a blue side. To activate the damage bonus, you must shoot from the blue side. Grenades can also pass through.

Barriers are very useful for defence, but do not put them up if you are being shot at in the open, as they will be destroyed very quickly by enemies before they are even operational. You will become a stationary target and will be punished very quickly. They can however be used if you need to heal yourself or reanimate one of your allies.

Things to know:

  • The life of a barrier is represented by white hexagons that appear in the centre of your screen when you start shooting.
  • There is no point in shooting through several barriers at the same time as your damage is only increased once and all the barriers behind the first one will be destroyed if you do so.
  • You can place barriers in front of doors or staircases to block certain accesses.

Liabilities : Modified charger

Passive capacity Rampart

Modified charger allows Rampart to reload LMG type weapons, or in other words machine guns (Devotion, L-STAR, Spitfire and Rampage) faster. The reload time is reduced by 25% and your magazine size increases by 15%. This will give you more bullets in your magazine, especially if it is of epic or epic rarity.

This passive also allows Rampart to recharge his ultimate more quickly.

Things to know:

  • Since the passive affects LMG weapons, focus on these when playing Rampart to make them very powerful weapons.

Ultimate : Sheila" mounted machine gun

Ultimate capacity Rampart

Rampart is equipped with a minigun named SheilaThis can inflict up to 2100 points of damage, which is quite a lot. This one can be used by anyone, allies and enemies alike. The magazine of this weapon has 150 bullets if used by a Legend other than Rampart, and 173 if used by her. You can then fire 20 bullets per second, each inflicting 14 points of damage.

Sheila has 360 health points and can therefore be destroyed. You can land up to three turrets, but you will have to wait for the ultimate to recharge between each landing. Once Sheila is placed, you have a maximum rotation angle of 120 degrees. This angle is visible on your mini map. You should also be aware that a loading time precedes your shots, but that it can be countered if you keep your aiming key pressed. 

When using the minigun, you can zoom in by pressing the default sprint button. This then gives you an indication of how far away your target is.

The more you shoot with Sheila, the more accurate your shots will be. In addition, the recoil means that your shots will gradually move upwards and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Things to know:

  • If you land a turret but don't use all its bullets, you can pick it up to reload your ultimate. The percentage recovered will depend on the number of bullets left in the magazine.
  • Always keep an ally close by when using Sheila, so you have someone to cover your back as you will be a stationary target.